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COOPER WIRING DEVICE - Audio, Video and Electronics (1)

Play relaxing or empowering audio with home audio speakers. Many also act as smart home control centres responding to voice commands and relaying them to other devices as needed. Rona also offers audio and video accessories for installing entertainment systems, such as coax connections, antennas, and signal boosters and receivers. Certain light bulbs even double as Bluetooth speakers, emitting both music and illumination. Other light bulbs offer remote control options, seamlessly integrating into a home automation set-up. Enable wired communication between different devices with connectors and adapters.
Setting up a system of home audio speakers allows for continual enjoyment of music, audiobooks, and other media options. There's no interruption as one moves from room to room, and no need for a portable device. Many also allow for communication between family members in different rooms and sections of the house and for issuing commands to smart devices.

Adding Wi-Fi-capable lighting to a home provides the option of turning on lights upon approach or departure. Other outdoor lighting features built-in motion detectors to activate the lights, improving home security. Wi-Fi doorbells are another convenient option to add to a home automation and security system. They provide a camera view of the front porch and approaching visitors, allowing residents to verify identities or accept the delivery of packages. These and wireless security cameras supply surveillance within and around a property, picking up a video feed for viewing on a mobile device. Set up a Wi-Fi security alarm for added peace of mind. Placing a smart-home-enabled leak detector in a laundry room or bathroom helps to minimize the risk of water damage.

Rather than having multiple remote controls for individual devices, install an infrared converter that allows for communication with all devices using a smartphone. For improved inter-device communication, place Wi-Fi mesh points at strategic locations within a building. These also boost streaming speeds for a more enjoyable gaming or streaming media-viewing experience. Have them work with non-Wi-Fi and non-Bluetooth devices by plugging them into a Bluetooth-capable outlet that enables remote activation and de-activation for a wide range of appliances.

Rona also carries equipment and materials for installing stereo and entertainment systems in homes or cars. There are male and female terminals and disconnects with vinyl insulation as well as heat-shrink tubing, splices, and clips to form secure connections.
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Telephone/Coaxial Jack - Type F - Thermoplastic - Ivory
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