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RONA - Reflectors (3)

Choose from the wide selection of reflectors to light living rooms, offices, shops, pet houses, gardens, or driveways. Bulbs come in many cool designs that blend with different decor and several options emit coloured lights to help create a different look for various spaces. High-wattage LED bulbs are ideal for outdoor use and large spaces because their light beams far. Some feature adjustable brightness for reading, partying, or working to prevent eyestrain. The reflector bulbs and fluorescent tubes work well even with extreme temperature changes across the seasons and last long while minimizing energy consumption.
Make sure interiors are bright by installing reflectors, which are available in several multi-pack options. Look for incandescent bulbs, LED reflectors, and halogens to meet personal preferences. LEDs and halogen bulbs are a cost-effective solution helping save on power bills. Long-lasting reflector bulbs are suitable for different types of accent and task lighting in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. The special aspect of reflector lights is that they concentrate light in a specific direction to highlight that area.

Medium bases are available in several reflector-shaped light bulbs for compatibility with most common lighting sets. Some bulbs have reflectors in blue or red hues, which is an ideal option for a light show. A wide beam in select models reaches different spots in the room. The lifetime of each light bulb depends on the model, but they provide users with several thousand hours of bright lighting. 

Look for light bulbs with a stylish frosted finish, which diffuses the lighting for a softer effect. Most models feature clear glass to maximize brightness, making them ideal for late night reading sessions, and family dinner events. A high lumen output ensures proper visibility in a certain spot, so individuals can highlight paintings, statues, and other objects. Floodlights diffuse the light for a wider spread to add more brightness to the room. Enjoy the intense glow of modern LEDs, which offer durability over an extended period without losing brightness. 

Use reflector bulbs for desk lighting for efficient and precise work with clear visibility. Infrared heat lamps in different wattages are also available.
Incandescent Bulb R16 60W - Frosted icon-wishlist
Incandescent Bulb R16 60W - Frosted
Format 60W 6/PK
Article #20045096
GU10 Halogen Reflector icon-wishlist
GU10 Halogen Reflector
Format 50Wx120Vx2PK
Article #2004271
BR38 Incandescent Reflector icon-wishlist
BR38 Incandescent Reflector
Format 75Wx130Vx2BX
Article #2004329