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Floor Lamps (0)

Browse a versatile range of atmosphere-enhancing floor lamps featuring elegant light bulb arrangements for every decor style. Other options include hanging lights for low or high ceilings, ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens. Some floor lamp models feature additional shelving to store books or work papers, and some come with shades for task lighting or directing light upward.

Various characteristics of home floor lamps include adjustable goosenecks, durable metal material, and rotary switches on select models. Many ceiling lights also feature LED technology for bright and energy-efficient lighting, suitable for offices, factories, and other workplaces.
Elevate the atmosphere in rooms at home with floor lamps, available in multiple colours and designs. Some lamp models include multiple goosenecks with the adjustability feature to point them in specific spots while reading or watching a movie. Select floor lamps are dimmable to offset specific lighting at night, which also helps save on your power bill. The lightweight material makes it easy to move them around when rearranging different furniture or moving lights to another room. Home floor lamps generally come with a heavy-duty base as a foundation to keep tall lamps stable and children-friendly. 

Classic and contemporary indoor floor lamps fit next to a couch or bed, or can serve as the centrepiece of the room. Colourful shades complement existing furniture to elevate the room aesthetically. Use goosenecks to direct light in specific spots or go with track lights which feature LEDs that produce a soft, white light. Linen shades in select floor lamps provide soft lighting, and many lamp designs go great with modern sofas and carpets. 

Some floor lamp sets come with a matching desk lamp, which is ideal for home offices and study rooms. Shelves are a practical feature of select electric floor lamps so users can display collectables on them to impress guests. The durable steel material options with smooth finishes require little maintenance, and it’s easy to clean up a spill with most examples. Some indoor lamps have tripod bases instead of the standard round base for safety and reliability and also showcases a different lamp style.

Many models are compatible with different lighting technologies like LED and incandescent lights for convenience. Look for floor lamp sets to create a matching style in the home bedroom by placing one on each side of the bed or closet. Wooden lamps are available to offset a natural atmosphere and complement wooden furniture in the room.
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