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TOOLWAY - Chimes and Accessories (3)

Be notified someone's at the door with the pleasant sound of chimes. Choose wired or wireless doorbell chime buttons in oiled bronze, nickel, black, and other stylish finishes. Select from a variety of chime kits with outstanding sound quality and extensive transmission range. The chimes have features such as window and door magnetic sensors. Choose plug-in or push-button doorbells, some with adjustable volumes. Enjoy a standard two-tone chime, or opt for multiple melodies. Find chime accessories and parts, including low voltage transformers, plug-in entry alerts, and wireless button batteries.
Doorbell chimes are essential, not only for residential visitors but also for clients to announce themselves at businesses. A complete chime installation kit includes a doorbell button and an emitter to produce the chime’s sound. Multiple emitters or chime extenders allow for placement of one towards the front of the house and another towards the rear, allowing you to hear the sound from any room. There are also wireless models for even greater flexibility and convenience as well as ease of installation.

Portable chime emitters are useful for larger spaces where greeters may be a distance from the door. Some chimes also offer multiple melodies, different pleasing tones, or even downloaded MP3s. Choose models with decorative and elegant physical designs in white, chrome, and brass to add aesthetic appeal. Others have wooden finishes to help them blend in with the walls.

Other chime accessories are available. Doorbell push buttons come separately from the chimes. There are rectangular, utilitarian designs to choose from, along with more decorative styles with antique visual elements and metallic finishes. Many of these also have lighted buttons, offering added convenience to those using them at night or early evening. Others have metal plates with metal buttons that offer a sleek and polished look.

Along with chimes and bells, Rona also offers many chime accessories for installation or maintenance. Wireless, push-button models require regular battery replacement, while wired models need a length of 20 AWG wire to deliver a signal from the button to the chime. There are also low voltage transformers that fit behind a push-button doorbell and convert the input current. These make bells and chimes easy to install, sometimes even with only the need for basic tools or no tools at all. Another convenient option is kits with one or more chimes, bells, and other accessories for a complete setup.
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