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Choose quality fuses and circuit breakers to keep electrical equipment and machinery safe in the event of an electrical outage. Add convenience and safety to the way power switches on and off to the residential electrical load centre and other electronics by installing high-quality and durable switches and accessories. Before installing non-combination plug-in load centres, and single phase or outdoor main electric panels, confirm their electrical holding capacity. Replace faulty, wrong, and old plug fuses promptly to prevent the potential for hazardous electrical explosion.
Protect electrical circuits with electrical fuses, which are available in several multi-pack order options. They’re convenient for protecting electrical circuits connecting freezers, air conditioners, and other heavy-duty appliances. Fuses are important for preventing potential damage from power surges and short circuits. A plug fuse has an electrical element that’s sensitive to the amount of current flowing in the circuit. If the current exceeds the fuse rating, the element may heat up and melt, disconnecting the circuit. Create an electrically secure environment by using fuses, switches, and accessories from Rona.

Browse the wide selection of light-amperage plug fuses for light-duty circuits such as lights and high-current types for socket outlets and cooking appliances. Be careful to choose the correct size as specified in the electrical circuit board. No maintenance is necessary after installing a fuse into an electrical circuit box. With their simple design, fuses are easy and quick to install. Unscrew plug fuses from the fuse holder and screw in the new fuse. When changing a cartridge fuse, disconnect the power supply to the fuse to avoid the risk of shock and pull the old fuse out before pushing in the replacement. All appliances plugged into an outlet as well as hard wired HVAC systems receive their power from the circuit box.

The current capacity of a fuse varies from type to type and is measured in Amperes. It’s always printed on the fuse. Time-delay fuses are available for specific appliances to prevent a fire or an electric shock. This design allows a brief surge in electricity before the fuse blows to protect the machine. Slow-blow fuses are ideal for electrical motors, which require plenty of energy to start, but not as much when running. That keeps the fuse from burning out when starting the motor, ensuring reliable operation without nuisance failures.
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Fuse - "P" Type Plug Fuse
Format 15Ax125VxCR/2
Article #1987013
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Format 15Ax125V
Article #0181235
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Format 100Ax250VxCR/5
Article #0480566