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Electric Panels (50)

Handle the distribution of electricity throughout your home in an energy-efficient way with these electrical panels. By using panels and breakers, individuals can turn the power off in an instant to protect their devices against short circuits. Most electrical panel boxes in the collection offer surface and flush mounting, so you can install them in a convenient spot. With the CSA approval, users can install electrical boxes horizontally, vertically, or in an inverted fashion. Consider a supply of fuses, switches, and other accessories as backup in case there's an unexpected power-out.
When it’s time to upgrade or change your electrical panel box, check Rona for an extensive selection of electrical fuses and breakers. Service entry load centres with factory mounted main breakers sense when wires short, or when there is a circuit overload. They shut down the faulty cables to prevent fire outbreak, and other related damages. Air conditioning disconnect panels with non-fusible moulded switches work best on single-phase commercial and residential applications. They provide energy-efficient electrical distribution on air conditioners, pump houses, and swimming pools. Outdoor circuit panels offer quality switching and protection for spas, hot tubs, and fountains. Some electrical panel boxes have flush and surface mounting for easy and convenient installation, while others have a side-hinged door for quick access. Choose an electrical circuit panel box with the right voltage, depending on your household electrical load.

Back up the power distribution consistency with a great range of switches, fuses, and breakers. Opt for high-quality ABB low-voltage circuit breakers that perform best in all conditions. Some circuit breakers have lock-out functions, and two pole thermomagnetic functions to offer quality protection against incorrectly wired line load connections and circuitry damages. They come with mounting screws and mounted plastic cases to allow for easy installation. Find quality d-type, P-type, cartridge-type, and v-type fuses in a variety of electrical capacities and ratings to protect appliances, such as electrical heaters, furnaces, refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers, against electrical damage. Fuses come in voltage ratings ranging from 2A to A200, and work to signal circuits when there is an electrical upsurge or short circuit.

For other electrical fusing and distribution projects, consider the wide variety of switches and accessories. Use electrical circuit safety switches and power interrupters to protect air conditioners, welding machines, and other equipment from potential fire hazards caused by short circuits, or circuit overload. Most switches and accessories have weatherproof, waterproof, and rugged designs so they perform best in all conditions and weather.
40-A QO Hot Tub/Pool/Spa Pack icon-wishlist
40-A QO Hot Tub/Pool/Spa Pack
Format 40Ax2 CIRCUI
Article #0265093
15/15A/1P - 20A/2P CHOM QUAD Circuit Breaker icon-wishlist
15/15A/1P - 20A/2P CHOM QUAD Circuit Breaker
Format 15-20Ax120/250Vx2P
Article #02655104