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EcoRenov program ends October 31st, 2014. All work recognized for the purposes of the EcoRenov tax credit and carried out after that tax credit has expired (that is, work done under a contract entered into after October 31, 2014) will be recognized for the purposes of the LogiRénov tax credit.


Eco-responsible insulation
Eco-responsible insulation tips

Poor insulation can result in major heat losses, besides reducing the comfort of your home. Improving the insulation an...



Eco-responsible landscaping tips
Eco-responsible landscaping tips

Landscaping extends the living space of your home, adding value to the property by creating spaces for relaxation and o...



Eco-Responsible Roofing tips

Is your roof letting the weather in? Are the roofing shingles getting tattered? Is the exterior cladding of the house d...



Eco-responsible home extension tips
Eco-responsible home extension tips

Needs change over a lifetime, and a family may find itself needing more space without necessarily wanting to move. Buil...

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Combination stone and wood siding
Exterior wall cladding options

The choice of exterior wall cladding is an aesthetic one that must also be appropriate for the climate you live in. Cla...



Exterior doors – types and materials
Exterior doors: types and materials

First impressions are important, so it's essential you choose the entrance to your home with care. The exterior d...



Asphalt shingles roofing
Roof coverings

When the time comes to install or replace your roofing, you'll have a huge variety and number of products to choo...



Water heaters
Water heaters

Having hot water instantly ready is a key component of every day household activities. While a hot water heater may las...



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