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Best - Window Hardware (4)

Find different types of replacement window hardware for a wide variety of window styles. These include lift handles and window crank handles for casement and louvred windows. Look for single and double arm cranks and roto gear operators. Home window hardware is available in metal and plastic options. Galvanized steel and other metal and plastic window handles and clips resist rust and are sturdy. Choose from various elegant finishes, such as polished brass, chrome, white, and gold. Door hardware and accessories, such as locks, roller assemblies, and handles, are also available.
Repair or upgrade home windows in classic or modern styles with versatile window hardware, including crank handles, sash lift hooks, and window screen clips. Handles are easy to install without using complex tools, so you can open or close windows faster. Select handle designs offer a traditional look due to their simple folding mechanisms. Heavy-duty bronze, brass, and copper metals are available, providing durability, which is necessary for pocket door rollers and other home window hardware

Single- and dual-arm operators with brackets are available, so users can accommodate varied window styles and dimensions. The corrosive-resistant coating on steel window accessories extends their lifetime, and it ensures a smooth window opening operation. Window latches are another option, ideal for fastening the window frame so the wind can’t pass through. They also serve as a security measure, although it’s best to consider a window locking system.

Light, neutral, and dark colour tones offer a simple way to decorate different decor styles with sleek window crank handles. Pre-drilled holes and complementary head screws simplify the installation process, which helps with work efficiency for window installation companies. Many window crank handles are suitable for wooden and metal frames, and they feature a compatible design that matches both materials stylistically. 

Metal gear operators are excellent for awning windows in the summer to draw fresh, cool air inside. A simple detaching feature makes it easy to remove the roto gear operator from the window seamlessly. Select sliding window locks consist of aluminium, and additional thumbscrews increase the gripping power, ensuring a stable closed or ventilation position. 

Use screen clips with fasteners to attach a screen to your window, keeping natural light away when the sun shines too brightly. Acrylic variations of panel clips are available, so residents can spice up home decor.
Left Handed Window Operator with Single Arm - 13 1/2" icon-wishlist
Left Handed Window Operator with Single Arm - 13 1/2"
Article #3712233
Flush Panel Clip - 1" x 1/8" - Clear - 8-Pack icon-wishlist
Flush Panel Clip - 1" x 1/8" - Clear - 8-Pack
Format 1x1/8"x8PK
Article #37125445
Dual Arm Operator with Stud Bracket - Left Handed icon-wishlist
Dual Arm Operator with Stud Bracket - Left Handed
Article #3712049
Dual Arm Operator with Stud Bracket - icon-wishlist
Dual Arm Operator with Stud Bracket -
Article #3712050