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Best - Screen Frames (2)

Build your own screen doors with screen frames from Rona. These screen bars are made of durable aluminum and are available in a variety of colours to match existing trim. You’ll also find door and window screen frame kits that come with four sides and frame corners. These fit standard doors and windows and are resizable to fit smaller spaces.

Replace worn or old screens with a wide selection of fiberglass and aluminum screening. Whether adding a door or replacing an existing one, you’ll find just the right frames and window screen accessories to get the job done right.
There’s no need to purchase a pre-made window or door screen when you can make your own using screen frame components. With just a few measurements and the right tools, even a beginner can put one together. Window screen frames are a necessity for keeping bugs and debris out of your home while the window is open.

When cutting a frame section to its final length, use a specially designed power saw, or a hand saw. The aluminum used in screen frames is weather-resistant and lightweight, but it also has a tendency to bend. Cutting it slowly keeps the edges from warping, which saves you time fixing them before assembling the frame. Most screen frame kits are sufficient to create a window frame; screens for screen doors can be more involved. If you’re working on a screen door, get a kit that includes the hardware.

Complete kits are available to replace screens, and feature four lengths of the frame, and the screen material. You can also buy the window screen accessories piecemeal. These include patches you can use to repair the existing screen, instead of creating a new one. If the screen itself tears, you can replace the mesh without having to construct a new screen frame. To ensure your mesh stays in place, get enough spline to fit inside the entire perimeter of the frame, and a spline tool to set it firmly inside. Also, decide what kind of screening material you want. There is aluminum screening and fibreglass screening. Fibreglass is soft to the touch and doesn’t dent or crease. Aluminum doesn’t sag or rust.

Planning ahead makes future repairs easier. For instance, installing pull tab window screen accessories allows you to pull out the frame with less effort when cleaning windows, or replacing the screening. There are even pet door inserts you can place in the screen, enabling you to let your dogs and cats enter and exit the house on their own. Tension springs keep the screen in place more securely.
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Screen Bar
Format 7/16x48"
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Screen Kit
Format 36x36"
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