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HALSCO - Interior Door Hardware (1)

Browse Rona's high-strength aluminium door closers, aluminium push and kick plates, and other interior door hardware to complete or repair metal, glass, or wood doors. Find attractive door knobs and locks to add decor and security layers to your home. Consider bi-fold and sliding door accessories such as hardware kits, along with door tracks, centre joints, and top pivots to complete door projects efficiently. Choose interior door accessories like door stops or brass hinges to enhance room design and decor. Improve door handle performance with strike plates, cylinders, and latches.
Look through Rona’s generous selection of interior door hardware to find the pieces that work best with your home. Choose aluminium door closers for their durability. Select closers come with two speed options, controlling how fast the door closes and latches. To increase accessibility, consider a handicap accessibility door closer. Match the weight of the door to the capacity of the door closer. Pair the colour of the closer with the surrounding decor by picking from options like white, silver, black, and brown. Keep doors protected from shoe stains by using durable yet appealing kick plates.

Consider passage pocket door knobs for laundry rooms, closets, and pantries. Bathrooms and bedrooms require privacy pocket door knobs. Pull door handles are an alternative to pocket door knobs. Ensure functionality of sliding doors with interior door accessories, such as sliding door guides, top and bottom pivots, and jamb brackets. For a faster experience, consider kits containing everything you need, such as a sliding door hardware kit or an installation kit for sliding doors. Bi-fold doors may need interior door hardware like door guides, bottom pivots, and top tracks. Splitting or weak bi-fold door corners benefit from corner repair brackets. These can be installed on both the bottom and top corners for protection and longer door life.

Doors in high traffic environments fare better with push-and-pull plates. Homeowners may prefer brass plates for their durability. Choose knobs that work with your home’s style. Antique brass has a warmth that goes well with traditional decor. Gold-tone door knobs are a match for vintage-inspired houses, and a satin nickel finish is a versatile choice suited for any decor style. Complete shower door projects with door rollers that contain durable materials like steel, zinc, and plastic. Pick a flat or round edge to match the requirements of the door.
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Halsco Aluminum Door Closer
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