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Handle and lock hardware (49)

Upgrade existing hardware, or add an extra layer of security to a home or office with door hardware from Rona. You’ll find everything from cylinders and latches to strikes and re-key kits. There's also a wide assortment of sturdy deadbolts to choose from. They're available in antique and bright brass, satin chrome, and Venetian bronze, to match existing hardware.

Outfit interior doors with passage knobs or door handles to add a professional look, and provide easy access to any room. There are glass knobs with spindles, contemporary handles, and privacy door knobs, to name a few.
Rona’s selection of door hardware offers many opportunities to upgrade security and privacy and outfit new doors for optimal performance. There are latches and strikes that work together to keep doors closed whether they’re in the exterior or open onto the exterior. 

Restrict entry into the home with the installation of deadbolts, including smart models that require numerical passcodes or that respond to a signal from a mobile device. When you need to further ensure security, consider a re-keying kit that changes a lock’s configuration in just a few steps. For bedrooms and bathrooms, a privacy door knob or handle supplies the means to get time to yourself. Improve the appearance of a knob with a backing plate or a rosette. Attach spindle knobs to non-latching doors that lead to laundry rooms and other spaces.

Other door handles apart from knobs are available, including curved or straight levers and thumb-operated latches. Choose sets of handles to ensure interior doors have the same look, or pick individual items to blend with existing lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Protect a door’s paint finish by placing a bumper on the wall or on the floor, or by attaching a door stop with an adjustable pin to the door’s top hinge. This also helps to prevent door knobs from damaging walls.

Hardware for sliding doors, such as rollers, tracks, and guides, as well as similar pieces of hardware for pocket doors and pivots for bi-fold doors is also available. Add a hook and eye or a sliding chain to a screen door to prevent it from blowing open in the wind or a latch handle for even more secure closure.

Many of these door hardware components are well-suited to residential and commercial applications, improving aesthetics and security. For public establishments, door closers add convenience to employees and customers by preventing doors from slamming and making sure that doors close completely.
Brass Door Latch Bolt - 2 3/8 icon-wishlist
Brass Door Latch Bolt - 2 3/8" - Stainless Steel
Article #02605323
Keyed Deadbolt Lock - Patio Door - 1 3/16 icon-wishlist
Keyed Deadbolt Lock - Patio Door - 1 3/16" x 4 3/4" - White
Article #37125397
Strike - Maximum Security - Steel - Combo - Brass icon-wishlist
Strike - Maximum Security - Steel - Combo - Brass
Article #37125372
Strike - A.S.A. - Commercial - Stainless Steel - Brushed Finish icon-wishlist
Strike - A.S.A. - Commercial - Stainless Steel - Brushed Finish
Article #37125373
Security Strike Kit - Brass icon-wishlist
Security Strike Kit - Brass
Article #37125402
Brass Door Latch - 2 3/8 icon-wishlist
Brass Door Latch - 2 3/8" - Stainless Steel
Article #09656015
Deadbolt Replacement Latch icon-wishlist
Deadbolt Replacement Latch
Article #09655635
Brass Door Strike - 1 1/4 icon-wishlist
Brass Door Strike - 1 1/4" x 4 7/8" x 3/32" - Stainless Steel
Format 1 1/4x4 7/8x3/32"x
Article #09656019
Plate - Decorative Plate icon-wishlist
Plate - Decorative Plate
Article #3712052