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Garage Door Openers (40)

Store vehicles safely and experience easy entry and exit with the right garage door openers. Install a motorized opener and garage door hardware, such as tracks and rollers, to raise or lower the door. There are also remote controls to pair with the door and numerical keypads for convenient entry options. Rona offers both chain-driven openers and quieter belt-driven models, as well as complete installation kits. Add other garage door accessories and barn door hardware such as track hangers and locks to complete the installation.
Rona’s varied collection of motorized garage door openers makes raising and lowering garage doors easier and safer. Many have 1/2 horsepower motors, delivering medium-lift power that’s suitable for most doors. Some use chains and roller tracks, while others use a quieter direct drive mechanism. Garage door opener installation kits feature wireless controllers for mounting on the wall and for taking along in the car. This allows for opening or closing from inside or outside the home.

For added security, look for models where a regularly changing, rolling code protects the communication between the remotes and the main unit. Most openers have one or two light bulbs that automatically activate upon opening or closing, making pulling into or out of the garage easier at night or in the early morning. There are also remotes with multiple buttons for pairing with and opening multiple doors, convenient for large properties or commercial facilities storing service vehicles on site. Another option that increases security is a keyless entry system with a numerical keypad for entering a passcode to open or close the door. These are durable and weatherproof to protect against water exposure, and they have illuminated keys that are easy to see in low light.

Other convenient garage door accessories include universal remotes compatible with multiple opener models acting as replacements for lost remotes. There are also extension rails with the capability to raise larger doors. Add an internet gateway to make a garage door opener accessible via a mobile device. Safety sensors are another essential, detecting the presence of vehicles or persons and preventing the closure of the door until they move a safe distance away. Choose a kit with multiple components for a complete system installation or individual parts and equipment for replacement of lost parts as well as repairs and upgrades.