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Vertical Blinds (2)

Ensure light-blocking capacity in the household by choosing vertical blinds, which also serve as decorative pieces. By using vertical and horizontal blinds, individuals can save energy in the home because they insulate windows efficiently. Smooth opaque slats on select window blinds are easy to operate using an efficient and intuitive mechanism. Vertical and roller blinds in the collection match standard window sizes so there’s no need to customize them before the installation process. The PVC material adds durability to the blinds, and the white colour lightens up the room for a relaxing atmosphere.
Dress up your windows and doors with adjustable and efficient vertical blinds to gain control over your rooms’ privacy and light penetration. Consider cellular blinds with room darkening and light-filtering capabilities to block glare in formal settings. Choose from a variety of blind styles, including opaque and semi-opaque, to give your interior spaces a contemporary lift. Fitted with child-friendly inverted cordless systems and alveolus air containing systems, many of Rona’s window blinds help insulate rooms without increasing electricity bills. Window treatments can block UV-rays that may damage furniture and floors. Enjoy 10% heat loss reduction and a relaxing atmosphere thanks to durable PVC material and the light colours of many blinds. 

Use decorative curtains and drapes to get the desired interior decor and elegance. Available in teal, white-grey, charcoal, pearl grey, and many other attractive colours, the curtains are easy to install, maintain, clean, and operate. Mostly made of polyester and cotton, Rona’s curtain panels and drapes come in contemporary grommet, forest, opaque, and other classic styles that provide rooms with a refreshed, brilliant look. 

Supplement curtains, drapes, and blinds with the huge variety of room darkening, UV protecting, and privacy enhancing roller shades. Roller shades come in easy-to-match colours, and they offer robust construction and sleek designs. They balance elegance, functionality, and performance to deliver steady light and privacy control. Easily trim the roller shades to match window and door sizes. Maintaining and controlling roller shades is simple thanks to the cordless and easy-to-wash designs. Consider pairing roller shades with horizontal blinds and other window treatments to maximize their functionality, look, and style.
Vertical PVC Blind - 3.5" X 78" X 84" - White icon-wishlist
Vertical PVC Blind - 3.5" X 78" X 84" - White
Format 3.5x78x84"
Article #31985197
Vertical PVC Blind - 3.5" X 66" X 84" - White icon-wishlist
Vertical PVC Blind - 3.5" X 66" X 84" - White
Format 3.5x66x84"
Article #31985196