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VINTIQUEWISE - Window Covering and Accessories (1)

Window treatments help decorate rooms, manage light, and ensure privacy. Choose from panels, curtains, and vertical or horizontal blinds of different designs for home, office, and commercial use. To filter in light while ensuring privacy, consider roller shades, which are trimmable to fit windows of various sizes. Window accessories for mounting curtains, drapes, and shades include brackets, joiners, and adjustable rods in stylish designs. Find window treatment accessories such as tracks, runners, and hooks for mounting curtains and drapes.
Provide security and visual aesthetics to your windows at home or work by choosing window treatments from Rona. Filtering vinyl shades, for example, offer privacy while letting some light through the window. Look for cordless models to accommodate family households with children and pets. Vinyl is easy to maintain ensuring there’s no need for a replacement product anytime soon. Insulation benefits help residents save energy throughout the year, whether it’s cold or hot. Privacy is an important factor to consider when settling into a new house or apartment, so it’s beneficial to find window treatment accessories first.

These window accessories can either keep the temperature snug when heating a home, or block the sunlight to keep the house cool. Homeowners can install filtering shades indoors or outdoors, depending on existing window arrangements and the specific shade model. Aesthetic vertical blinds offer the full-closure feature, so you can block outdoor light. Designs include natural, roller, faux wood, and cellular blinds to meet every preference.

Individual curtain rods make it easy to install curtains above the window frame, elevating the aesthetic appeal that impresses from the inside and outside. Individuals can also extend some curtain rods to meet the parameters of a specific project. Decorative rods for curtains feature a variety of steel finishes, which give them a sparkling, clean look. End caps come in spherical and round shapes, so residents can spice up home decor.

Find the ideal position when adjusting blinds by lowering or raising the rail. Material choices for blinds include durable PVC and non-woven polyester fabrics, which are temperature-resistant to counter sunlight on hot days. Curtains with numerous motifs provide another way to decorate the interior while providing shade from the sun. Grommets are available with select curtain packages for seamless installation. The patterns on some window treatments gives them an extra flair, creating an attractive indoor style.
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Vintiquewise Gold Rope Curtain Tie Backs - Set of 2
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