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Shades and Roller Blinds (2878)

Get premium-quality shades and roller blinds to regulate the light that enters interior rooms and preserve the exterior view by adding a pleasant look. Roller blinds work well with other window coverings and require little to no skill to install and maintain. If you are looking to achieve high-end room darkening and light-filtering results, opt for non-woven polyester horizontal window treatments.

Like horizontal blinds, window roller blinds give added privacy by completely covering the window while still allowing some light to enter. They can be rolled up and out of the way or closed to let in light but keep out onlookers. Room-darkening roller shades offer the added benefit of blocking out light. They're available in differing levels of darkness that range from light coverage to total blackout. Consider vertical blinds when covering large window openings or sliding doors.

Shelter your space from curious eyes with roller blinds. Use them in small rooms, as they fit close to windows. Pick a neutral colour such as brown, cream, white, off-white, or grey, and they blend into the background. In rooms where you want a bolder statement, use window rods and pair them with drapes and curtains.

For rooms where the sunlight is strong and bothersome, pick room-darkening roller shades. When sunlight isn’t an issue, look for sheer window roller blinds, as these allow a partial amount of light to pass through. For high-moisture spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms, pick waterproof models made of polyester or PVC. Plus, these materials are easy to wipe down when roller shades get dirty.

Zebra roller blinds are just right for when the light levels need constant adjustment. With movable fabric bands alternating with translucent materials, you can decide just how much light to allow into the room. For hard-to-reach areas and large windows that cover the entire space from the ceiling to floor, motorized blinds may be a better option. Lower or raise them by pressing a button, rather than manually adjusting them.

Combine roller shades with other types of window treatments, such as curtains and drapes. Sheer curtains paired with blackout roller shades help satisfy both the aesthetic need and the sleep craving.

Cellular shades block light efficiently and offer unparalleled protection against UV rays. Honeycomb shades are made of two fabric layers or more to ensure proper room insulation during the cold winter season and heat waves during summer, making them a perfect fit for bedrooms.

Roman shades are elegant, contemporary-style window coverings that feature a soft, rich texture and overlaying fabric pleats, adding refinement to any living space, while featuring noise-blocking and thermal properties. Moreover, the material comes in different light-filtering options, whether you prefer a veil of light or an intimate atmosphere with a blackout shade.