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WALLTASTIC - Wallpaper and Appliques (2)

Wallpapers are an easy way to add new life to any space. Rona offers adhesives to spread over the wall, as well as precision applicators of adhesives for putting up wallpaper borders or locking down seams. There are numerous wallpaper designs and styles to choose from, whether the project is a bedroom or a nursery. Consider other decor options such as decorative vinyl, which is often self-adhesive for easier installation. Remember tools such as scrapers to make removing old appliques and installing new ones easier.
Aesthetics play a crucial role in making a house into a home. Add touches of colour or accents that make the area comfortable and inviting, raising not only the value of the property but also the level of enjoyment provided. Walls are the most significant focal piece of any home and therefore make the biggest impact on style and statement. Use wallpapers for an easily applied accent or cover for any wall. Giving a room a brand new look with a design or focus may be more convenient than painting, and wallpaper is easy to apply with just a few supplies.

Appliques are popular additions to walls that bring personality to life. Use the versatile designs available to make a statement. Combine wallpapers and wallpaper borders to accentuate the room or add depth to multiple places. Available in many colours, designs, and styles, borders add interest to a wallpaper design to finish the look of a room. Wallpaper is available in a variety of lengths and widths that make it easy to apply.

Add wall decor to a small space to integrate accents that don’t take up extra space. Apply these decorations to larger walls to create a personal space that shows personality and interests. Many wall decorations are removable designs, making it easy to change them as interests alter. Use this ability to decorate a child’s room with favourite characters or sports, and replace the wall decals as leisure pursuits grow and evolve.

Wallpapers are available in varying styles, including self-adhesive, easy-paste, and ones that require regular wallpaper adhesives. With a variety of wallpaper and installation accessories, such as trays, sponges, and application kits, available in one convenient location, it’s easy to add personality to every space in a home. Bring nature indoors with leaf designs or add a touch of class with damask accents.
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