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House Plants (0)

Add a decorative touch to a home or office with house plants from Rona. Choose bushes, shrubs, and flowering plants in several species to make a room come alive.

There are decorative plants and planters in a wide assortment of colours, sizes, and shapes for indoor and outdoor use. Consider premium tropical plants and palm trees for an exotic look, or bonsai trees and bamboo plants for an Eastern flair. Whether a space calls for low maintenance plants or lush foliage, find just the right flora.
House plants add a genuine touch of green life to your home. They also provide a sense of satisfaction as you watch them grow and blossom in reaction to your regular care. Rona’s decorative plants are available in many species options, with something available for virtually anyone.

If you’re looking for something that’s low maintenance, try cacti. They require little watering; in many cases you only have to water them once a month. These indoor house plants thrive if you leave them on a windowsill. Many species produce a bright red or purple flower. Cacti are succulents, and you can cultivate certain types to use in soup, salad, or other dishes as a special treat.

Indoor decorative plants may have practical applications. You can grow an herb garden within your home. These house plants have two benefits. First, they emit pleasant, aromatic fragrances. Second, you can harvest them when you’re cooking and add them to your dishes to provide a fresh, delicious flavour. Use them alone or in combinations of different herbs to discover new flavours.

Tropical decorative house plants are useful for growing in Canada because many of them require very little light to thrive. This helps them to make it successfully through winter, when sunlight is scarce. They grow abundantly and often have large leaves. Tropical house plants grow well in pots or hanging planters, where their stems and leaves form an attractive green waterfall effect.

Besides perking up your own living space, live plants make a lovely gift for special people in your life. Unlike cut-flower bouquets, they’re long-lasting. This provides a semi-permanent and beautiful reminder to the recipient of how much you care about them. Some plants come in cute decorative containers that enhance their presentation, and colourful blooms or variegated leaves add to their appeal.