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Get Started:

1. Apply for PayPlan by RBCTM – Quickly check how much you pre-qualify for within seconds.

2. Choose Your Offer – Select from multiple offers with different rates and term lengths.

3. Add to Your Virtual Wallet – Review and agree to the terms, add funds to your phone’s digital wallet, and use to pay at checkout in store only. Coming soon online.

4. Pay Over Time – Pay down your loan over time.

^Rates range from 0% to 7.99% APR. Subject to approval of credit application. Loans made by Royal Bank of Canada. Term and conditions vary by merchant and RONA purchase. Offer subject to change/cancellation without notice.

In order to access funds if you are approved, you will need access to a digital wallet on an iPhone or an Android device. Funds that are advanced will be loaded onto a virtual card that will be made available through your digital wallet.

®/TM Trademark(s) of Royal Bank of Canada.

‡ All other trademarks are the property of their respective owner(s).

^Rates range from 0% to 7.99% APR. for qualified applicants. Subject to approval of credit application. Loans made by RBC Ampli Inc. Rates and term will vary depending on amount borrowed and length of term selected. Offer subject to change/cancellation without notice.

®/TM Trademark(s) of Royal Bank of Canada. Used under license.
PayPlan by RBC financing is provided by RBC Ampli Inc.

‡ All other trademarks are the property of their respective owner(s).


What is new or different about PayPlan by RBC & RONA?
PayPlan by RBC now offers a seamless in-store shopping experience at RONA. Once approved simply download your funds to your Apple or Google wallet and tap and pay at checkout with $0 due today. Just like other PayPlan by RBC programs you simply need to pay off your loan in equal monthly instalments.
How do I apply for PayPlan by RBC's in-store option for RONA?
You can access the PayPlan by RBC application by scanning the QR codes placed around RONA stores. Remember to use the funds you will need the Apple or Google Wallet installed.
How does checking out with PayPlan by RBC's virtual card work?
Simply scan the QR codes placed around RONA stores to access the application. Apply - it only takes a few minutes. That's it! Simply download your approved loan into your wallet and tap & pay at checkout!
Can I use my virtual card at any store in Canada?
Yes, you can tap your virtual card to pay at any RONA, Lowe’s and Réno Dépôt location in Canada.
How long does my virtual card last for?
Once you are approved and download your funds to your wallet, you will have 24 hours to use your funds to make a purchase. If you don't use them the funds will be emptied from your card and don't worry you didn't take out a loan! If you want to use PayPlan in the future, you will need to re-apply.
What if I come back after my funds have expired and want to make a purchase?
No problem! If you come back and your original approval has expired - you simply need to fill out the application again! Don't worry applying doesn't affect your credit score and takes only a few minutes!
My credit card only let's me tap a limited amount. Will my PayPlan by RBC card also only allow me to tap and pay for a limited amount?
Don't worry! You won't be subjected to regular tap limits. You will be able to spend as much as you have downloaded to your device in a single tap. No surprises, no balance carry overs and no tap limits!
Are there any hidden fees and costs associated with making a purchase with a PayPlan by RBC virtual card in store?
No! No hidden fees or costs. You will pay off your loan in equal monthly installments and you will know your costs up front. There are no hidden fees, early repayment fees, or late fees. We suggest making your payments on time or signing up for Auto Pay!
Can I still use this product if I don't have Google Wallet or Apple Wallet? Can I apply for this on my computer and print it out?
PayPlan by RBCs virtual card is only compatible with Google and Apple wallets today. If we expand compatiability we will update our FAQs so check back here! Also don't forget the product can only be used on a mobile device so desktop applications would not be compatible either.
Is there a minimum spend required to qualify for this program?
Yes - you must plan to purchase at least $300 of goods in order to use PayPlan by RBC. Don't worry you will only take out a loan for what you spend at checkout!
I have taken out PayPlan by RBC loans before. Why am I being declined?
We're sorry for the inconvenience! PayPlan by RBC has its own credit granting criteria which may be different from the credit granting criteria for other types of credit applications. Each credit product is subject to its own standard credit granting criteria. Unfortunately, we cannot share a specific reason for the decline, or any of the other factors that are part of our confidential credit underwriting requirements.
How do I make a return for a purchased made with my PayPlan by RBC Card?
That's easy! If you still have the card in your wallet, simply go to the returns counter at RONA and follow the standard return process. The funds will be refunded directly to your loan. If you have deleted your card from your wallet, follow these steps: 1) scan the QR code in store 2) Enter your e mail address & Phone number 3) select "restore virtual card" 4) choose the card you want to restore 5) head to the returns counter and follow RONA standard return process
My purchase is bigger than my approval limit. Can I still use PayPlan by RBC?
PayPlan by RBCs virtual cards are only designed for one-time use. If you spend less than your approval limit don't worry you only took out a loan for what you spent! If you want to make another purchase, you will need to apply for a new loan. Applying does not affect your credit score.
My purchase is bigger than my approval limit. Can I still use PayPlan by RBC?
Yes! If you spend more than your approval limit you can split your payment at checkout. Pay for part of your purchase using PayPlan by RBC and pay for the rest using another payment type.
Can I cancel a PayPlan by RBC Virtual Card?
Yes! If you download the card and don't want to use it simply delete it. As long as you didn't make a purchase the loan was never issued. If you have already made a purchase then to cancel you either need to return your purchase for a full refund of the loan or pay the loan off in full through the PayPlan by RBC Member portal. There are no fees for cancelling and once cancelled you can access all your updated legal documents in the PayPlan by RBC Members Portal.
Does my PayPlan by RBC loan also pay for taxes?
Yes! Your PayPlan by RBC loan will cover the entire purchase from RONA including taxes and fees charged by the merchant. Once you checkout you simply pay in equal monthly instalments. No hidden fees!
Help! I started an application but never checked out. Did I take out a loan?
Don't worry! You only take out a loan when you make a purchase. If you started your application or even downloaded your funds but never used them - there's no loan so don't worry!
Help! I want to apply but I keep seeing an error message.
It's not you it's us. If you're seeing an error message when trying to apply please let us know by emailing us at support@rbcpayplan.com and we'll try to get that resolved as quickly as possible. Please try applying again later.
Help! I successfully applied but I had an error when trying to download my virtual card to my wallet!
We're very sorry for the trouble. Please login tomorrow and try to "restore" virtual card. If that doesn't work - you will need to re-apply in the future.
Help! I got a new phone, and I don't have my virtual card on it. What do I do? !
Don't worry. If you need to restore your virtual card for to make a return or because you switched phones simply scan the QR code, enter your e mail address and phone number, and select "restore virtual card." Pick the card you want to restore and download it to your new phone!