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1. Presentation of the RONA CONTRACTOR PROGRAM

The RONA CONTRACTOR Program (hereinafter called the "Program") is a program provided by RONA inc. (hereinafter called "RONA") for its clients of the following classifications: companies involved in building construction, renovation, repair and maintenance. This includes self-employed trades people, contractors, property management companies, commercial, industrial & government organizations or associations, churches and agricultural operations. To take advantage of the Program, the client must be a Canadian resident, have a company client number in RONA's computer store systems and have a Contractor Member Card (hereinafter called the "Contractor Member Card"). The client must have a valid email address with which we can provide regular Program administration communications.

By using his Contractor Member Card, the client confirms his approval of the Program Terms and Conditions, including any modification that may be applied by RONA at an ulterior date, if needed and at RONA's sole discretion. Please read all Program Terms & Conditions carefully and visit the Program's website regularly, at http://contractors.RONA.ca, (hereinafter called the "Website") to review any new modifications implemented to these Terms & Conditions. The online version (on contractors.RONA.ca) of these Terms & Conditions shall prevail on any other document that could be on the market.

2. Eligibility, registration and membership

The Program is open to Canadian residents who are contractor clients at RONA, who have a company client number in RONA's computer systems, in participating RONA stores only. The Contractor Member Card guarantees client's eligibility to the Program and the client holding a validly issued Contractor Member Card shall be a Contractor Member (hereinafter called the "Contractor Member"). No membership fees are required to join the Program. The Contractor Member may register to the Program by visiting the Contractor desk at his/her participating RONA store. RONA reserves the right to remove any customer from the Program whose representatives do not act in an ethical manner or for reasons unspecified. Duplication of fraudulent accounts will forfeit eligibility to this Program.

To receive Program information and/or updates, the Contractor Member must do one of the following actions:

1) In store – please visit any local participating RONA store and Contractor desk partners will be able to provide with further information about the Program.

2) By email – visit http://contractors.RONA.ca and create a profile by adding company email and all required information regarding the Contractor Member Card. The Contractor Member will be registered to receive any further updates, special offers and other information about the Program.

3. The Contractor Member Card

Registration to the Program is automatic upon the reception of the Contractor Member Card. This card is also valid immediately upon reception. All Contractor Member Card application requests are subject to approval from the Contractor desk, in participating RONA stores. Certain conditions apply. The 2 Contractor Member Card is accepted at all participating RONA stores. A list of participating RONA stores is available on http://contractors.RONA.ca. The Contractor Member Card is property of RONA and identifies its holder as member of the RONA CONTRACTOR program. The card is not transferable.

4. Description of the RONA CONTRACTOR Program features and benefits:

  • 4.1. Business opportunities
    A Contractor Member may become a certified RONA Installer. To become a certified RONA Installer, the Contractor Member must complete the application form and information sheet from Sales and installation services. According to this department's requirements, Contractor Member applicants will be called in for an interview; in case of positive results, a business agreement and a Code of conduct will be signed between both parties.

  • 4.2. Events Invitation
    Contractor Member may be invited to various events and opportunities according to their profile and member status. RONA reserves the right to select and invite Contractor Member at its sole discretion. A Contractor Member who cannot attend an event to which he/she was invited may not necessarily receive an invitation to another event during the same year.

  • 4.3. Exclusive offers and coupons
    Exclusive offers will be sent to Contractor Member by email; those offers will be applicable upon presentation of the Contractor Member Card only, during the promotion validity period. Please note that the Contractor Member Card must create his/her profile on the website http://contractors.RONA.ca and provide the following information in order to receive special offers and coupons: valid email address, acceptance to receive electronic commercial messages at the said email address and information found on the Contractor Member Card (client number).

  • 4.4. AIR MILES reward Program benefits :
    AIR MILES members earn 1 AIR MILES reward mile for each $20 in purchases (before taxes) made on a monthly basis, upon presentation of their AIR MILES card for a valid transaction according to program conditions at RONA. Moreover, by paying its purchases with its RONA Commercial card, a Contractor Member will collect 1 AIRMILES reward mile for every $20 charged to its account.

    The Contractor Member must have a valid AIR MILES card to take advantage of this offer. AIR MILES card application can be made online, at airmiles.ca. This offer can be modified or terminated at any time without prior notice.

    If AIR MILES bonus rewards miles are offered though a promotion related to the Contractor Member Card only, the bonus reward miles will only be awarded if the special offer conditions are met.

    The AIR MILES Program benefits cannot be applied to charge accounts. Some exceptions may also apply.

  • 4.5. Payment Options
    Various payments options may be provided to a Contractor Member to pay for his/her purchases :

    RONA Commercial Credit Card:

    • No annual fee.
    • Detailed monthly statement.
    • Payment flexibility (term of 21 days from the statement printing date).
    • A yearly interest rate as low as the prime interest rate plus 4%2
    • No-fee additional cards.
    • Credit limit granted according to your business' needs.

    2Prime rate of the Caisse centrale Desjardins du Québec in effect at the time of purchase, plus 4%.

    House Charge Account:
    Refer to terms and conditions on the credit application for all details regarding the Charge account.

    At all times, to take advantage of one of the flexible payment options specified above, the Contractor Member must specify the preferred payment method to the merchant upon each transaction.

    The Contractor Member may use another form of payment accepted in RONA if he chooses to do so.

  • 4.6. Contractor Special Pricing
    - Preferred pricing: Contractor Member can save from 5% to 25% depending on the product category. Some product categories may be excluded at RONA's sole discretion. The preferred pricing offered to a Contractor Member is determined in accordance with its annual volume purchase for the previous year. For each new Contractor Member, the preferred pricing is determined in accordance with the expected annual volume purchase of the Contractor Member, as represented by the Contractor Member, upon applying for the Program. The preferred pricing offered to a Contractor Member under the Program will be reviewed automatically by our computer systems on December 31st of each year.

    Preferred pricing applies to all contractors with a charge account number plus all cash account customers who had a 2013 annual purchase of over $1,000.

    Eligibility to a preferred pricing under the Program is conditional upon (i) the purchases being paid with one of the payment options registered in RONA's computer systems for the Contractor Member and (ii) and the Contractor Member Card being active. If the Contractor Member Card is related to a charge account, this account must not be overdue upon the attribution of Program benefits. The applicant understands that his purchases will be monitored periodically. Accounts not meeting the level volume requirements will see their discount withdrawn and the Contractor Member will no longer benefit from a preferred pricing.

    - Contract pricing (single or group commitment): upon request, a preferred pricing structure can be established for specific products, a given project or for a given period of time.

    The Contractor Member special preferred pricing does not apply to items on sale or non-discountable items. RONA Inc. reserves the right to change their non-discountable assortment at any time. Does not apply to quoted or commitment or contract quoted items. Does not apply to price matched items under RONA's general price guarantee.

  • 4.7. Other features of the Program:
    Various advantages in store and during special events may be added throughout the year.

5. Review of accumulated transactions and Program levels

A Contractor Member who believes he/she may be entitled to a different membership level may request a review in writing, by providing invoices and other relevant documents and by contacting his/her home store. RONA makes no representation or warranty that such Contractor Member will be granted a different membership level.

6. Protection of personal information and Promotional Emails

Upon registration to the Program, RONA will collect personal information, including name, address, phone number and email address. RONA will use this information in collaboration with its authorized agents to manage customer participation to the Program. RONA also reserves the right to share some of this information about Program members periodically with its merchants, its franchisees, its subsidiaries and its suppliers, primarily so that RONA, its merchants, its franchisees, its subsidiaries and its suppliers can offer their products and services to Program members.

Through member participation to the Program, RONA may collect information about the purchasing behaviour of the Contractor Members, which shall be used to improve the services provided to its Contractor Members and other clients. Upon registration, the member will have the option to opt-in to receive promotional emails from RONA about the Program. To obtain more information about RONA's protection of personal information policy, please click on "Privacy and Terms of Use".

7. Program modifications

RONA reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the Program, in whole or in part at any time, with or without prior notice. Such changes may modify the benefits related to the Commercial RONA card or the AIR MILES program, the Program or other programs. Without limiting the foregoing, RONA reserves the right to cancel or to modify the preferred pricing structure or any discount levels granted under a preferred pricing at any time. Any such changes will be made in new Terms and Conditions posted on the Website, and will be effective from the date of posting unless stated otherwise. The Contractor Member is solely responsible for checking the Website to be aware of the current Terms and Conditions for the Program.

Despite the efforts made by RONA to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, it is possible that errors appear from time to time. Consequently, RONA reserves the right to correct these errors at any time, even if the error has an impact on the current Program benefits.

8. Governing law and dispute resolution

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec and the laws of Canada applicable therein. All decisions regarding the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of RONA, and shall be final and binding in all respects. To report an apparent discrepancy, or to request information about your membership status, please contact your home store. If you disagree with any modifications to the Program or to these Terms and Conditions, your sole recourse will be to terminate your membership in the Program – this termination shall not dispense the Member of paying any current transactions or outstanding account balances.

9. General information

RONA reserves the right to cancel certain benefits without notice to the cardholder, in the event that the cardholder, with respect to the Program, fails to honour the Program's Terms and Conditions; commits fraud or makes false or misleading statements; or otherwise misuses the Program. RONA is solely responsible for administering the Program. By taking part in the Program, the cardholder agrees to compensate, indemnify and hold harmless RONA, its subsidiaries and all merchants of the RONA network with respect to any loss or damages that may be incurred by the cardholder while taking part in the Program, including but not limited to any litigation respecting the cardholder's AIR MILES reward miles balance and the value of the cash back in the form of RONA gift cards.

®/TMTrademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne and RONA Inc.

10. Contact Us

At RONA, your needs come first! We aim to provide our customers with high quality and rapid service. For prompt answers to all your questions you can visit your home store. Should you require further information, please contact us.

Email: RONApro@RONA.ca
Phone: 1-866-283-2239
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern Time)
Monday to Friday

participating stores


RONA L'Entrepôt Gatineau

777, boul. de la Cite
(819) 568-3400 

RONA Régional Repentigny

118, boul. Industriel
(450) 585-9092 

RONA L'Entrepôt Beloeil

500, Serge Pepin
(450) 464-3663 

RONA L'Entrepôt Aylmer

435, chemin McConnell
(819) 684-3275

RONA L'Entrepôt Charlemagne

110, Emile-Despins
(450) 654-6666

RONA L'Entrepôt Sherbrooke

3400, boul. Portland
(819) 829-7662

RONA L'Entrepôt Secteur Le Plateau

165, boulevard du Plateau
(819) 776-3400

RONA L'Entrepôt Joliette

2000 , boul.Firestone Est
(450) 759-7457

RONA L'Entrepôt St-Hyacinthe

555, Johnson Est
(450) 771-0444

RONA Régional Longueuil

2301, Roland Therrien
(450) 674-4290

RONA L'Entrepôt St-Jérôme

1025,Jean-Baptiste Rolland O
(450) 560-3979

RONA L'Entrepôt Laval

3065, boul. le Carrefour
(450) 688-0688

RONA L'Entrepôt Saint-Bruno

1221, boul. des Promenades
(450) 441-3888

RONA L'Entrepôt Brossard

9800, boul. Leduc
(450) 926-1310

RONA L'Entrepôt Trois-Rivières

4025, boul. des Récollets
(819) 693-0855

RONA L'Entrepôt St-Eustache

440, rue Dubois
(450) 623-1438

RONA Home & Garden Nepean

585, West Hunt Club Rd
(613) 226-5636

RONA Home & Garden Gloucester

1880 Innes Rd
(613) 741-6331

RONA Le Régional Châteauguay

41, boul. St-Jean-Baptiste
(450) 691-3739

RONA l'Entrepôt Haut Richelieu

170, rue Moreau
(450) 359-4695

RONA Le Régional Alma

105, Route du Lac Est
(418) 480-3939

RONA Le Régional Levis

1415, Metivier
(418) 835-2665

RONA L'Entrepôt Québec

1500, Bouvier
(418) 622-6555

RONA L'Entrepôt St-Laurent

3600, Cote Vertu
(514) 335-3663

RONA L'Entrepot Chicoutimi

465, du Royaume Ouest
(418) 693-6066

RONA l'Entrepôt Anjou

7273, boul.Galeries D'Anjou
(514) 355-7889

L'entrepôt RONA Mascouche

175, montee Masson, Mascouche
(450) 474-1656


RONA Atwood

235 Main Street,
(519) 356-2214

RONA Barrie

61 Mapleview Drive East,
(705) 792-6670

RONA Belleville

260 Bell Boulevard,
(613) 967-8080

RONA Brampton

50 Gillingham Drive,
(905) 454-6616

RONA Brockville

550 Stewart Boulevard,
(613) 342-8714

RONA Burlington

1830 Ironstone Ave.,
(905) 332-8868

RONA Cambridge

66 Pinebush Road,
(519) 623-5666

RONA Carleton Place

535 McNeely Avenue,
(613) 253-6173

RONA Cashway Campbellford

509 Grand Road,
(705) 653-1440

RONA Chatham

65 Colborne Street,
(519) 352-0130

RONA Etobicoke

1170 Martin Grove Road,
(416) 241-9167

RONA Etobicoke

4208 Dundas street West,
(416) 232-1460

RONA Georgetown

348 Guelph street,
(905) 877-2947

RONA Grimsby

359 South Service Road,
(905) 309-1959

RONA Hamilton

633 Parkdale Ave North,
(905) 547-3444

RONA Hamilton

1245 Rymal Road East,
(905) 383-3355

RONA Kingston

2342 Princess street,
(613) 531-6225

RONA Kingston

1452 Bath road,
(613) 544-2644

RONA Kitchener

730 Ottawa street south,
(519) 584-0996

RONA Lakefield

178 Water Street,
(705) 652-3347

RONA Leamington

274 Talbot St. West,
(519) 322-4908

RONA Lindsay

36 Harvest Street,
(705) 878-8135

RONA London

820 Blythwood Road,
(519) 471-6621

RONA Markham

8651 McCowan road,
(905) 294-5200

RONA Midland

9320 Hwy 93,
(705) 526-3748

RONA Milton

700 Main street east,
(905) 878-8171

RONA Mississauga

650 Dundas street East,
(905) 276-6350

RONA Mississauga

2933 Eglinton Avenue West,
(905) 820-9965

RONA Mississauga

1692 Lakeshore Road West,
(905) 823-3053

RONA New Liskeard

245 Whitewood Avenue,
(705) 647-6784

RONA North York

258 Sheppard Ave. East Willowdale,
(416) 225-7726

RONA Oakville

399 Speers Road,
(905) 844-8010

RONA Pembroke

16 Forest Valley Lane,
(613) 735-0695

RONA Port Perry

1910 Scugog Street,
(905) 985-7334

RONA Rockwood Mall

542 Rockwood,
(905) 602-0795

RONA Sault Ste-Marie

132 Black Road,
(705) 949-2378

RONA Schomberg

190 Main Street,
(905) 939-2211

RONA Scarborough

768 Warden Avenue,
(416) 751-7556

RONA Scarborough

3750 Midland,
(416) 298-0575

RONA Seaforth

198 Main Street,
(519) 527-0770

RONA Simcoe

10 Davis Street East,
(519) 426-2740

RONA Smiths Falls

R.R. #1 Lombardy Road,
(613) 283-4411

RONA Southampton

135 Albert Street, HWY 21,
(519) 797-3245

RONA St-Catharines

250 Dunkirk Road,
(905) 684-9264

RONA Stittsville

6001 Hazeldean Road,
(613) 831-7775

RONA St Thomas

101 Edward Street,
(519) 631-2250

RONA Sudbury

943 Barrydowne Road,
(705) 566-3620

RONA Toronto

110 West Toronto Street,
(416) 766-4664

RONA Toronto

994 Islington Ave.,
(416) 503-2469

RONA Trenton

234 Glen Miller Road North,
(613) 394-3351

RONA Uxbridge

8 Welwood Drive,
(905) 852-7598

RONA Val Caron

2957 Poole Court,
(705) 897-2552

RONA Wallaceburg

860 Murray Street,
(519) 627-2228

RONA Waterdown

52 Dundas Street East,
(905) 689-8700

RONA Welland

165 Primeway Drive,
(905) 732-0073

RONA Westdale Mall

1133 Dundas Street West,
(905) 306-7434

RONA Zurich

HWY 84,
(519) 236-4393

icon-arrow-downMANITOBA and SASKATCHEWAN

RONA Prince Albert

800 15th Street E,
(306) 763-7662

RONA Regina

3710 Quance Street E,
(306) 522-7662

RONA Saskatoon

1722 Preston Avenue,
(306) 933-1903

RONA Winkler

295 Cargill Road,
(204) 325-8999

RONA Winnipeg

775 Panet Road,
(204) 663-7389

RONA Winnipeg

1333 Sargent Avenue,
(204) 774-7389

RONA Winnipeg

1636 Kenaston Boulevard,
(204) 487-7662

RONA Moose Jaw

769 Thatcher drive East,
(306) 624-2200


RONA Airdrie

2649 Main Street S,
(403) 948-1996

RONA Calgary

90 Crowfoot Way N.W.,
(403) 239-5850

RONA Calgary

300 Stewart Green SW,
(403) 265-5651

RONA Calgary

1832 - 52 Street SE,
(403) 235-1695

RONA Calgary

2665 32nd Street N.E.,
(403) 219-5800

RONA Calgary

4215 Edmonton Trail NE,
(403) 230-1071

RONA Calgary

6912 - 29 Avenue NW,
(403) 288-5455

RONA Calgary

9630 MacLeod Trail S,
(403) 212-4875

RONA Calgary

11520 - 24th Street SE,
(403) 234-0942

RONA Calgary

14815 Bannister Road SE,
(403) 256-4990

RONA Camrose

7300-48 Ave #500 Cornerstone Mall,
(780) 608-1772

RONA Edmonton

1003 Parsons Road,
(780) 395-6085

RONA Edmonton

9115 - 51 Avenue,
(780) 431-0742

RONA Edmonton

9603-165th Avenue NW,
(780) 406-8600

RONA Edmonton

10450-42nd Avenue,
(780) 437-8080

RONA Edmonton

11740 - 156 Street W,
(780) 451-1981

RONA Edmonton

18445 Stony Plain Rd,
(780) 481-0825

RONA Fort McMurray

8408 Manning Ave,
(780) 743-4666

RONA Grande Prairie

10950-102 Ave Gateway Power Ctr,
(780) 539-6868

RONA Lethbridge

2260 - 32 Street S,
(403) 381-9000

RONA Leduc

5202 Discovery Way,
(780) 986-5904

RONA Lloydminster

7902-44 Street,
(780) 871-0470

RONA Medicine Hat

1330 Trans Canada Way SE,
(403) 528-9800

RONA Red Deer

2610 50th Avenue,
(403) 343-1764

RONA Red Deer

7730 Gaetz Avenue N,
(403) 342-5095

RONA Sherwood Park

340 Baseline Road,
(780) 464-2400

RONA Sherwood Park

301 Wye Road, Suite 81,
(780) 449-0808

RONA Spruce Grove

175 Highway 16A,
(780) 960-3140

RONA St.Albert

730 St. Albert Trail,
(780) 458-5124

RONA Strathmore

300 Ranch Market,
(403) 934-4679

icon-arrow-downBRITISH COLUMBIA

RONA Abbotsford

32073 South Fraser Way,
(604) 853-2286

RONA Burnaby

7260 Edmonds Street,
(604) 524-9771

RONA Chilliwack

45656 Yale Road W,
(604) 792-1351

RONA Cobble Hill

3730 Trans Canada,
(250) 743-7573

RONA Coquitlam

425 Lebleu Street,
(604) 931-2085

RONA Coquitlam

2798 Barnet Highway,
(604) 464-5522


840 5th Avenue (Box 818),
(604) 869-5692

RONA Kamloops

416 Mt. Paul Way,
(250) 372-2236

RONA Kelowna

1711 Springfield Road,
(250) 762-7389

RONA Langley Bypass

20350 Langley Bypass
(778) 777-5540

RONA Maple Ridge

21213 Lougheed Highway,
(604) 466-0004

RONA Mission

32290 Lougheed Highway,
(604) 826-6248

RONA Nanaimo

1250 Island Highway S,
(250) 734-4450

RONA New Westminster

1015, Columbia Street,
(604) 525-2169

RONA Penticton

348 Duncan Avenue W,
(250) 492-7660

RONA Quesnel

450 Johnston Avenue,
(250) 992-2155

RONA Squamish

39009 Discovery Way,
(604) 892-3551

RONA Surrey

3165 King George Boulevard,
(604) 535-9888

RONA Surrey

6965 King George Boulevard,
(604) 591-5050

RONA Surrey

16659 Fraser Boulevard,
(604) 576-2955

RONA Vancouver

1160 East 3rd,
(604) 984-1892

RONA Vancouver

1503 Kingsway,
(604) 877-1171

RONA Vancouver

2727 East 12th Avenue,
(604) 253-2822

RONA Vernon

2201 58th Avenue,
(250) 545-3332

RONA Victoria

850 Langford Parkway,
(250) 478-6680

RONA Whistler

1350 Alpha Lake Road,
(604) 932-3620

RONA Williams Lake

298 Proctor Sreet,
(250) 392-7767