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RONA ECO - Wood Panels (1)

Elevate aesthetics in the home by adding wood panels, which are available in multiple styles and colours. Select decorative panels are rust-resistant and can withstand substantial temperature swings. Look for wall panels with smooth finishes or coatings that help protect the material from insects, making them suitable for outdoor use. Other options include PVC panels that can spice up traditional or modern decors. Natural-colour panel options are always in style and are ideal for a long-term investment.
Create a welcoming and warm decor in the house or at work by installing wood panels in living rooms, hallways, and reception areas. Decorative wall panels and planks are easy to install without having to use complex machinery. Natural wood panel variations offer an authentic look, and they’re ideal for rooms with plenty of traditional or modern wooden furniture and artwork. Their smooth finish ensures excellent performance and minimal maintenance for a professional look. Equip your home with wood panels for a creative decorative style while adding insulation to maintain ideal temperature indoors.

With non-toxic and odourless components in the mix, natural wood panels won’t affect children or pets. Splinter-free surfaces increase the security level for a safe environment. Besides the simple installation process, wall panel supplies are also easy to replace without having to remove individual wooden planks.

Versatile MDF panels and authentic wood options are available in a variety of dimensions, so users don’t have to cut them. Decorative wood panelling is ideal for covering up uneven surfaces on older walls, serving as a cost-effective solution, and the installation is hassle-free. Traditional barn-style and contemporary motifs on select panels feature subtle grain for visual effect, offsetting a rugged and realistic design.

Colour options include white, grey, and brown hues, amongst other choices, so users can match them with existing furniture and wall colours. Fade resistance treatments ensure long-lasting hue protection. proper care. Crack-resistant wood surfaces withstand heavy impact without bending or denting. Knotty pine panel types spice up the room with a dynamic pattern, making them ideal for creating an organic aesthetic. It is also suitable for cabins, workshops, and other spots with natural and skeletal decor. Cedar and pine wood materials minimize the carbon footprint and last for a long time, ensuring there’s no need for replacement.
Rona Eco Knotty Pine Wall Panel - Natural Colour - V-Jointed - 96-in. L x 3 1/2 in. W x 5/16 in. T icon-wishlist
Rona Eco Knotty Pine Wall Panel - Natural Colour - V-Jointed - 96-in. L x 3 1/2 in. W x 5/16 in. T
Format 5/16x31/2x96" 14SF
Article #20075002