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FASADE - PVC Panels (1)

Decorate your walls with PVC panels for an elegant look. They're easy to clean and are resistant to scratches, fire, mildew, and bacterial growth. Long-lasting construction makes the panels ideal for both commercial and residential applications, including bathrooms and kitchens. Install decorative panels for an easy way to add interest to the decor. While some panels are self-adhesive, others have interlocking designs or come with screws for convenient installation. PVC wall panels have different textures. Some offer grooved surfaces, while others feature matte or gloss finishes that can serve as backsplashes. For a natural look, consider decorative wood panels.
PVC panels create timeless and beautiful decorative finishes on interior walls. Decorative panels spruce up walls and make boring interiors looks livelier and more noticeable. The panels come in wide-ranging shades, with marble, bronze, gold, and nickel being the most notable options for adding elegance and class to commercial and residential interior spaces. Find lightweight and durable panels that have strong scratch- and water-resistant qualities. Pretty and classy enough, PVC wall panels feature solid designs and shades that don’t fade. Attach the panels to the walls in minutes by gluing, nailing, or screwing.

Lightweight PVC cladding panels with mirrors come ready for installation. They don’t require prior painting, sanding, or grouting, and have excellent thermal insulation and water-impervious qualities. Add marble or frosted nickel decorative wall tiles to achieve organic and elegant looks on stone or concrete walls. Decorative wall tiles have lightweight and durable designs and resist scratches and water damage. Tongue and groove panels add authentic organic looks to interior spaces. They’re easy to install and require little to no tools. They come in antique colours and wood grain finishes to give rooms the most authentic natural feel. Use vertically patterned panels with Bermuda bronze or brushed nickel finishes to achieve graceful visual appeal on walls and backsplashes. They’re fast to install, as all you need is construction adhesive and a utility knife. Use wall panel trims to give ceilings and walls an attractive finishing touch. Most wall panel trims include pre-scored adhesive and backing strips that allow for quick folding over any outer corner, J-trim, and inner corner to get an attractive finished look.

Wood panels are an alternative to PVC panels. Rona’s large collection of wood wall panels comes in contemporary shades, including charcoal, bronze, grey, and brown. Consider MDF panels to add a rustic feel to your walls in grey and white colours. MDF is dense and strong, so the panels can resist physical impact, mould build-up, and dings.
"Vertical Waves" Wall Panel - 4 x 8' - Brushed Nickel icon-wishlist
"Vertical Waves" Wall Panel - 4 x 8' - Brushed Nickel
Format 48x96"-32SF
Article #20665003