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Brick and Accessories (6)

Add a natural, classic look to a home or other structure with cosmetic bricks and stone. These stylish pieces come in the form of decorative panels that stick to walls and other structures like kitchen islands to serve as an accent or a backsplash. Their self-adhesive properties make them easy to install. Use these wall accessories to boost the visual appeal of any room, using their natural look or touching them up with paint as desired. Choose from PVC panels as well as other materials like plaster.
Remodel wall designs in your home or at work with panels featuring decorative bricks and stone, which are available in a variety of traditional and contemporary styles. Multiple size and shape choices give you many options to fit existing room dimensions. A range of colours makes it easy to find matching wall accessories for light and dark tones in living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways. Select models are self-adhesive, so it’s simple to install them without having to use heavy-duty tools. The lightweight material of most stone veneer items makes it easy to transport them, and the installation goes faster.

Stone and wood panels enhance decor, so homeowners can use them to renovate kitchens and other spaces. Modern brick veneer has a look that’s practically identical to real bricks, providing a natural appearance. It’s easy to install building accessories like stone veneer on most common wall types in the home. Brick wall panels offer an inexpensive way to update various rooms in the home or business. 

Corner wall slates are available, so users can decorate all corner spots in a presentable and stylish way. Smooth slate surfaces and non-absorbent materials enable easy cleaning for a professional look. Individuals can use wall panels as a backsplash or as an accent, depending on the preference. They’re also an excellent addition to fireplaces, creating a matching design that won’t go out of style. Install stone veneer on metal, wood, or cement, or place them on rounded areas around the fireplace. It’s also possible to paint over select models to get a specific hue that matches other furniture pieces or the wall colour. 

The flexible material of brick accessories makes it easy to cut and manipulate panels to fit them around corners. Many of these wall panel models also feature insulation capacities, so families and establishments can save on power bills by retaining indoor temperature. Different finishes, such as black matte, may improve the visual look of walls while providing durability.
Oslo Decorative Stone - Self-Adhesive - Grey icon-wishlist
Oslo Decorative Stone - Self-Adhesive - Grey
Format 8.4SF
Article #02595014
Soho Decorative Bricks - Moka - 11.8 sq. ft. icon-wishlist
Soho Decorative Bricks - Moka - 11.8 sq. ft.
Format 11.8SF
Article #02595016
Decorative Stone - Box/10 - 12 sq.ft. - White/Black icon-wishlist
Decorative Stone - Box/10 - 12 sq.ft. - White/Black
Format 10.12SF
Article #21825003
"Orus" Self Adhesive Decorative Stone icon-wishlist
"Orus" Self Adhesive Decorative Stone
Format 10.44SF
Article #02595015
Venise Decorative Stone - 7" x 15.75" - White icon-wishlist
Venise Decorative Stone - 7" x 15.75" - White
Format 1/2-3/4x7x15.75"
Article #40235008
Quartz Wall Slate - Chamois icon-wishlist
Quartz Wall Slate - Chamois
Format 12x350x180MM
Article #83515570