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LEADVISION - Handrails (2)

Handrails complement decor and styles while adding safety to stairs. Choose from wood and metal options that feature various contours. Enhance the style with elegant posts and balusters. Wood handrail options come in maple, pine, oak, hemlock, and other natural finishes. Stainless steel rails contribute to a modern or industrial feel. They feature protective coats to prevent rust and corrosion. Users can also choose to paint wood and steel stair handrails to match their decor. Finish the job with available accessories and hardware, such as mounting plate kits.
Help keep the stair area safe with this varied selection of handrails. Use a wooden option to bring warmth and comfort to your surroundings. The natural state of the wood allows for adding any finish or paint to create the desired statement. Wooden options are typically large and work well indoors and outdoors. They’re often used for decks, with an appropriate stain or paint coating. Metal handrails are suitable for indoors and outside, and they offer a modern look to stairwells. Stainless steel endures the elements beautifully. Complete your stair-building efforts by using Rona’s treads and risers.

Select wooden handrails that reflect decor, personal taste, or desired impression. Pick a larger type when going for a solid, bold look. The larger the handrail, the larger the balusters, which are the short pillars offering support for the rail. This furthers that bold effect. For a house with a more graceful feel, narrower rails work best. The rail’s size isn’t important just for aesthetic reasons, but also for safety, since the smaller it is, the easier it is to grasp. 

Look at the layout of the staircase to figure out which type of handrail works best; integrated or wall mounted. For integrated, there is the grooved option, where the spindle sits in the rail’s groove. The second integrated option is the ungrooved type, which is ideal for metal spindles or glass panels. Screw the brackets straight into this type of rail, with the option of mounting it to the wall. 

For stairs that work best without a balustrade, wall-mounted rails are the way to go. Pig ear rails are the most popular option because securing them to the wall doesn’t require brackets. Pick this type if the staircase is narrow, since this handrail is installed close to the wall. For a more decorative look, consider looking at mopstick stair handrails, as the brackets used when installing them add a treasured aesthetic factor.
Leadvision Handrail - Acacia - 1.5''' x 2.5'' x 6' - Natural icon-wishlist
Leadvision Handrail - Acacia - 1.5''' x 2.5'' x 6' - Natural
Format 1,5x2,5"x6'
Article #60245256
Leadvision Handrail - Acacia - 1.5''' x 2.5'' x 10' - Natural icon-wishlist
Leadvision Handrail - Acacia - 1.5''' x 2.5'' x 10' - Natural
Format 1,5x2,5"x10'
Article #60245257