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Shims (7)

When there are gaps between bricks and other materials, building shims provide the minor adjustment needed so that everything fits together correctly. They are an indispensable supply for professional builders and contractors, and useful in projects such as framing and installing insulation. When installing a new roof or building a deck, shims also help to make sure wood beams are correctly aligned. When working on exterior jobs, look for shims that are resistant to the elements and suitable for outdoor use.
Shingles - 16-In. Cedar Shim Shingles icon-wishlist
Shingles - 16-In. Cedar Shim Shingles
Article #8121002
10/10 Cedar Shim Shingles icon-wishlist
10/10 Cedar Shim Shingles
Article #8351004
Cedar Shim Shingles icon-wishlist
Cedar Shim Shingles
Format 1 1/2x8"
Article #0390017
Shingle - Shim Shingle icon-wishlist
Shingle - Shim Shingle
Format 1 1/2x2 3/4x7"
Article #0975001
Builder shim icon-wishlist
Builder shim
Format 18"
Article #4573001
"Second Clear" Cedar Shim Shingles icon-wishlist
"Second Clear" Cedar Shim Shingles
Format 25SF
Article #9879001
Hardwood Shim Bag - Various Shapes and Sizes icon-wishlist
Hardwood Shim Bag - Various Shapes and Sizes
Article #89945336