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PRIMAIR - Roofing Panels and Accessories (1)

Complete a variety of roof structures or repairs using corrugated roofing panels and shingles. Asphalt construction using organic fibre makes these panels a reliable barrier against the elements, and resistant to wind, corrosion, and other factors. Choose roofing sheets with flashing for protecting chimneys and vent pipes, along with other roof coating and sealants such as waterproofing, plastic cement, and fibrous coatings. Keep your roof in peak condition for years to come with the right materials from Rona.
Repair, construct, or replace a roof with the wide array of roofing panels at Rona. These durable panels are made from corrugated asphalt and feature a tough organic fibre core for added longevity. Roofing sheets have alternating grooves and ridges that do not hold water and make drainage easy. These infused roof sheets will not corrode or rust and are highly resistant to wind.

Corrugated roofing panels are available in two generous sizes, 36x79” and 48x79”. The slimmer 36” panels are ideal for placement in dormer and attic areas of a roof. They are also suitable for roofing a shed, lean-to, or work shed. The wider 48” types are just the right size for large roof areas on homes and businesses. All our roofing sheets feature a lightweight yet sturdy design that makes them easy to lift and place.

When deciding on a colour match or coordinate these roof panels with existing trim. Roof sheets are available in a variety of shades that include black, brown, and red. These warm, earthy tones will enhance most brick, wood, or vinyl siding homes or buildings. These sheets are suitable for roofing a butterfly, cross-hipped, Dutch or standard gable, gazebo, or flat roof, to name a few. You’ll also find asphalt shingles that are made with fiberglass mat and laminated for added durability.

Add an extra layer of protection from severe weather with roofing underlayment. It serves as a waterproof barrier to apply between a roof deck and the roof panels. There is standard dry sheathing and plain roof felt, which is made of saturated organic felt and features a heavy design for added protection. Shop for galvanized nails, ridge caps, and sheet flashing to complete the job. Whether you’re reshingling an existing building or placing roofing panels on a new structure, you’ll find the right size and colour for small and large projects.
Primeau Heavy-Duty Steel Fascia - White -  3 1/2-ft W x 10-ft L icon-wishlist
Primeau Heavy-Duty Steel Fascia - White - 3 1/2-ft W x 10-ft L
Format 3 1/2"X10'
Article #55655060