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SOPREMA - Roll Roofing and Underlayments (3)

Use roofing underlayments for additional protection against water leaks while allowing humidity and air to escape. They come in synthetic options such as polypropylene and polyethylene, fibreglass saturated with asphalt, rubber, and bitumen. The underlayments are waterproof and can resist fungus, wrinkles, and UV radiation. Roofing accessories are easy to install using nails, glue, and clips, while others are self-adhesive. Some are compatible with thermal insulators and can withstand high temperatures. Find other roofing supplies such as shingles for your construction projects. Look for roof coatings and sealants to finish the job.
Felt roofing underlayments are ideal for use with traditional shingles and steeply sloping roofs. Options saturated in asphalt have more water resistance. Others have mineral granules and sand to strengthen their surfaces. The asphalt saturant also improves the absorption of moisture and helps prevent leaks and damage. Select waterproofing membranes feature recycled raw materials. Fibreglass reinforced underlayments are long-lasting. Synthetic options are ideal for use with metal roofing panels because they can withstand extreme temperatures. They’re also waterproof to protect roof decking from rot. Some are also breathable to let humid air escape. Consider these options when dealing with roofs that have gentle slopes. They provide excellent protection from wind, ice, and rain. Synthetic options come in durable polymer designs, and some resist UV rays. Other materials that make tough membranes include bitumen, polyethylene, and polypropylene. These roofing supplies are lightweight and resistant to fungi.

Roofing underlayments with adhesive backing are easy to install, and users can add primers to enhance adherence. Select fibreglass reinforced and non-breathable options are ideal for creating vapour barriers. Some keep their flexibility at lower temperatures to prevent wrinkling. Consider grey or bright options to increase insulation against radiant heat from the sun. Thicker membranes help reduce the amount of sound that enters the building when it rains. For easier installation, some rolls have even lay lines to help align with shingles.

Choose from rolls of various sizes. Most are 36 inches wide and are easy to size for quicker roofing installation. Large options can cover over 40 square metres, and users can order multiple rolls for large structures. Roofing rolls come in versatile designs. Some help reduce squeaking and are ideal for different types of roofs, including coal tar and asphalt options. Others are also suitable for roof and brick flashing as well as crack repairs. Roofing accessories such as glue, tape, and nails are also available to secure underlayments and roofing materials in place.
Self-adhered Waterproofing Membrane - 1.5 mm icon-wishlist
Self-adhered Waterproofing Membrane - 1.5 mm
Format 39"x61'x1.5MM
Article #74165240
"Red Zone" Corner Guard - 2 1/2" x 7 1/4" icon-wishlist
"Red Zone" Corner Guard - 2 1/2" x 7 1/4"
Article #74165188
Waterproof Membrane - Low Temperature - 36" x 67' - White icon-wishlist
Waterproof Membrane - Low Temperature - 36" x 67' - White
Format 36"x67'x1MM
Article #74165242