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VIZUSOLUTION - Melamine Panels (3)

Use melamine panels to provide an aesthetic appearance and proper support. These panels are compatible with particleboard panels and medium-density boards, which are a common choice in shelf building. Melamine material is waterproof and scratch-resistant, ensuring durability over an extended period. Select handy panels feature impact-resistant hardwood to withstand substantial pressure without cracking. With multiple length options of all-purpose panels, it’s easy to craft counters and shelf units. Some project panels are pre-glued for a seamless installation process, so there’s no need to use complex machinery.
Organize space and make room for everything with the use of project panels. Use melamine panels for bookshelves or original shadow boxes in dormitories. These panels come in sturdy laminate, and they’re available in many pre-cut sizes that do not require painting. Add these handy panels to other panel types to create smaller projects, such as garden boxes of varying sizes or a decorative container for reusable grocery bags. Use project boards to create endless DIY projects around the house that look like natural wood.

Use a pegboard panel to create a jewellery shelf or as a hang-all in the garage for tools. It’s available in a lightweight material like particleboard to reduce strain on walls when hanging. Opt for project panels to add finishing touches to DIY projects or to replace worn boards on existing furniture. Panels come in many colours, including white, wood tone, and wood grain. Use edge banding and other accessories to complete your design to a flawless finish.

Add paint to any panel design as decoration for tables or outdoor projects, without the need for messy stains. The versatile laminate of melamine panels turns outdoor tables and porch boxes into weather-resistant accents. Choose panels that are pre-cut lengths or longer boards to self-cut for specific needs. Consider panels to create or finish indoor and outdoor projects anywhere.

These panels come finished for quick use with no splintering. Use glossy finishes or dull matte for all areas in the home. MDF panels make great kitchen cabinets. Plywood panels offer an even surface as an underlay or finish to a floor. Hardwood panels laid on top of MDF panels are a sturdy floor cover that defends against the wear and tear of daily use. There are panels available for every DIY home project need at Rona.
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Shelf - Melamine Shelf
Format 5/8x24x97"
Article #0953009
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Melamine Shelf - White - 15 ¾" x 96"
Format 5/8x16x96"
Article #0953008
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Melamine Shelf
Format 5/8x12x96"
Article #0953007