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HYDROFOAM - Rigid Insulation (1)

Rigid insulation is essential for controlling the interior temperature of new construction and renovations. It comes in individual panels, making it easier to install than blow-in insulation and other insulation types. Some insulation panels also work as acoustic insulation, adding soundproofing to rooms and keeping the volume low for those outside. Rona also offers a convenient calculator to help estimate how much building insulation professional contractors or do-it-yourselfers need for their projects.
Keep your house warm in winter, cool in summer, and dry all year round with rigid insulation. Use building insulation to maintain inside temperatures and save money when running the air conditioner or heater. Insulation panels keep outside cold and heat separate from inside air. Rehab an old structure, or build a new one using Rona’s selection of insulation to create a comfortable environment.

There are three main materials used to make this product. The first is EPS, or expanded polystyrene. This low-density, rigid installation is an economical choice. If you need a higher R-value, which increases the amount of heat flow resistance, opt for extruded polystyrene, also called XPS, or for polyisocyanurate. These two are more efficient, denser, and better able to prevent heat loss.

A closed-cell design means that this product does not retain water. As such, it’s immune to rot and other forms of water damage. Unlike other forms of building insulation, such as fiberglass, there are no fine particles that can get into the air. Rigid foam has a higher R-value on average than most other types, making it more effective at preventing heat transfer. They are available in various thicknesses to provide the level of protection you need.

One useful way to use rigid insulation is to place it between studs and the drywall. A key benefit of rigid insulation is how easy it is to install. Each piece comes in a size that rests between studs and joists. You can cut shapes to allow it to fit around pipes, ducts, or other obstructions. By making the walls only an inch thicker, it prevents most of the heat loss that results from energy passing through the wooden beams. Over time, the reduced heating and cooling costs more than pay off the price of the insulation panels. This has the added benefit of cutting down on your home’s carbon footprint.
Hydrofoam Hydronic Insulation Panel - Expanded polystyrene - 4-ft x 4-ft x 2-in - Grey icon-wishlist
Hydrofoam Hydronic Insulation Panel - Expanded polystyrene - 4-ft x 4-ft x 2-in - Grey
Format 48x48x2"
Article #70455011