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Beams (155)

Find durable beams for residential, carpentry, industrial, and commercial construction and renovation projects. Kiln-dried options keep their shape and have superb structural strength. Framing beams dressed on four sides, have smooth surfaces, and look elegant. There are options of various widths, lengths, and heights to choose from for a variety of projects. You can glue, stain or paint building beams to achieve different looks. Also, strappings and other building and framing supplies are available. Several options feature lumber that comes from eco-certified forests.
Find sturdy options for residential and commercial construction, carpentry, packaging, and other construction using wood beams from Rona. Kiln drying processes ensure the wood is even and robust, with no staining or drying stresses. The wood is resistant to bugs, pests, and insects, and it’s suitable for several indoor and outdoor uses. Some options are specially treated and have a high resistance to fire. Build decks, joists, and other new structures or repair and renovate old ones. The lumber has high tensile strength, so the beams keep their shape and do not warp easily. They maintain their aesthetic appeal and are long lasting. The robust lumber has a low thermal conductivity to maintain structural strength across the seasons.

Find framing beams that come in various lengths, widths, and thicknesses for many applications. Light framing lumber ranges from 2 to 4 inches in thickness and width for light projects that can bear small loads. Wider and thicker options are ideal for heavy-duty uses, such as structural joists, planks, stringers, and posts. Heavy timber refers to any lumber over 4.5 inches thick; these can facilitate long spans. Several options have few small, tight knots, and offer exemplary structural strength. There are different grades of lumber that include grade 1 lumber, which has the highest strength, and best appearance. Stud grade lumber is suitable for applications that bear high loads like walls and decks.

Projects can run faster with building beams that are dressed on all four sides and come ready to use. They’re easy to install and suitable for a variety of applications, including appearance framing, panelling, and siding. Options with smooth textures, minimal knots, and which are clear of blemishes help create neat, natural looks. Colours to choose from include pale white pine hue and red and black spruce. There are several products that have certification from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) because they come from sustainable forests.
2x4x16 - Spruce #2 and Better icon-wishlist
2x4x16 - Spruce #2 and Better
Format 2"x4"x16'
Article #0971051
2x6x14 - Spruce #2 and Better icon-wishlist
2x6x14 - Spruce #2 and Better
Format 2"x6"x14'
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2x4x14 - Spruce #2 and Better icon-wishlist
2x4x14 - Spruce #2 and Better
Format 2"x4"x14'
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2x10x12 - Spruce #2 and Better icon-wishlist
2x10x12 - Spruce #2 and Better
Format 2"x10"x12'
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2x10x10 - Spruce #2 and Better icon-wishlist
2x10x10 - Spruce #2 and Better
Format 2"x10"x10'
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2x8x12 - Spruce #2 and Better icon-wishlist
2x8x12 - Spruce #2 and Better
Format 2"x8"x12'
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2x8x10 - Spruce #2 and Better icon-wishlist
2x8x10 - Spruce #2 and Better
Format 2"x8"x10'
Article #0971058
2x8x8 - Spruce Select icon-wishlist
2x8x8 - Spruce Select
Format 2"x8"x8'
Article #0971215
2x10x8 - Spruce Select icon-wishlist
2x10x8 - Spruce Select
Format 2"x10"x8'
Article #0971223
2x4x92-5/8 - Spruce Stud icon-wishlist
2x4x92-5/8 - Spruce Stud
Format 2x4x92 5/8"
Article #0971155
2x10x16 - Spruce #2 and Better icon-wishlist
2x10x16 - Spruce #2 and Better
Format 2"x10"x16'
Article #0971066
2x10x14 - Spruce #2 and Better icon-wishlist
2x10x14 - Spruce #2 and Better
Format 2"x10"x14'
Article #0971065
2x4x16 - Spruce Select icon-wishlist
2x4x16 - Spruce Select
Format 2"x4"x16'
Article #0971079
2x6x16 - Spruce Select icon-wishlist
2x6x16 - Spruce Select
Format 2"x6"x16'
Article #0971168
2x6x8 - Spruce #2 and Better icon-wishlist
2x6x8 - Spruce #2 and Better
Format 2"x6"x8'
Article #0971294
2x3x10 - Spruce Select icon-wishlist
2x3x10 - Spruce Select
Format 2"x3"x10'
Article #0971045
2x8x16 - Spruce #2 and Better icon-wishlist
2x8x16 - Spruce #2 and Better
Format 2"x8"x16'
Article #0971061
2x3x10 - Spruce #2 and Better icon-wishlist
2x3x10 - Spruce #2 and Better
Format 2"x3"x10'
Article #0971372
2x3x12 - Spruce #2 and Better icon-wishlist
2x3x12 - Spruce #2 and Better
Format 2"x3"x12'
Article #0971373
2x4x92-1/4 - Spruce Stud icon-wishlist
2x4x92-1/4 - Spruce Stud
Format 2x4x92 1/4"
Article #0971320