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DAUBOIS - Compounds and Tape (1)

Complete new construction, repairs, and renovations with drywall compound. It covers up seams and joins the drywall and trims such as corner beads, arch corners, and angle reinforcements. Rona offers drywall tapes for added strength that also resist the growth of mould and mildew while maintaining a smooth feel. Choose the drywall panels needed for any project as well as steel studs and accessories such as tracks and furrings required for long-lasting stability. Opt for building compounds with qualities like rapid hardening and clumping dust for easier clean-up.
Drywall is an essential component for many building projects, whether professional, do-it-yourself, or anything in between. After the drywall installation comes the work of filling in the screw holes and covering the lines with drywall compound to achieve smooth walls. Drywall tapes give a textured surface for the drywall compound to adhere to and provide a strengthening effect to the compound once dried.

Building compounds are available in multiple sized containers from 1.25 kg tubs for small project needs to 17 L buckets for whole room requirements. These compounds come in ready-to-use mixed formulas or as a dry compound that requires mixing with water. The premixed option is suitable for storing for a period of time if it’s not all used at one time, making it ideal for smaller projects or multiple repairs. Use the dry option shortly after mixing to avoid it drying, leading to a loss of product. However, with this type you only need to mix the amount that’s required for the job. Drywall muds are also available in differing types, including all-purpose, joint, quick-set, and more for specific needs or preferences.

Use drywall tapes and other drywall accessories to connect joints and cover gaps in cement board and drywall projects. Use mesh patches to cover holes in walls and avoid the need for new drywall. Apply the patch to the wall to cover the area, using its adhesive edges, and then apply the compound of choice over the mesh. Once dried, it’s easily sanded and ready for primer.

Whether the job is building a new room or building an entire house, finding the products needed to complete each project is easy. Rona has a large selection of drywall and compounds and tapes for completing any construction project big or small.
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