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Suspension Systems (23)

Install ceiling suspension systems in basements and other rooms for easy access to ducts, cables, and piping while providing an aesthetic look. By choosing ceiling tiles and panels with traditional or modern designs, users can suit existing home decors. Ceiling system steel material helps ensure fire resistance for ceilings. Individual screws for ceiling grid installation are available separately. Choose shadow moulding to cover up the grid for visual appeal and add proper insulation for an energy-efficient home.
Bring your basement ceiling ideas to actuality with Rona’s wide variety of ceiling suspension systems. Choose ceiling systems with sophisticated designs and styling to achieve a finished spacing that reflects your style and tastes. Today’s ceiling suspension units have lightweight panels and tiles that cover up all the ductwork, electrical wiring, and beams in the basement to create an appealing and classic space. They allow for easy access when assessing leaks, handling maintenance tasks, and cleaning. Use tiles and panels to hold framed ceilings when handling interior retrofits. Some ceiling tiles have sound blocking qualities, so they’re ideal for creating quiet spaces for relaxation.

Most ceiling suspension systems come with secured ceiling mounts and separately sold screws to allow for easy installation. Get high-quality systems with robust and easy interlocking tees, and easy-release cross tees for simple removal during repairs. Consider ceiling systems with commercial wall or ceiling mounts, or main tees to transform rooms in style. Ceiling systems with galvanized steel bodies are durable, and fire-resistant.

Use Rona’s ceiling tiles and panels to achieve an acoustic ambiance indoors in a stylish and modernistic way. Multipack tiles and panels are ideal for businesses to transform areas with hundreds of square feet. Many ceiling panels and tiles feature unique patterns and styles to enhance your home or office decor style. For the environmentally conscious, consider recyclable tiles with break resistance to enjoy long-lasting performance. Create a modern industrial look in homes with high-end tiles that have concrete style finishes. Bleached wood tiles with non-absorbent qualities offer aesthetically pleasing spaces and enjoy long-lasting performance with minimal to no maintenance. Achieve optimal aesthetics by installing tiles vertically or horizontally, depending on the ceiling dimensions. Textured light, colourful, or diffuser panels maximize space illumination and mood. Give offices superior style reflection with performance-oriented tiles that have non-directional fissured patterns.
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Mounting Adapter
Article #7711017
Acoustical Lag Screws - 1/4 icon-wishlist
Acoustical Lag Screws - 1/4" x 3" - 100/Pk
Format 1/4x3"x100BX
Article #13998073
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Moulding - Main Tee
Format 11/2"x8'
Article #7711001