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Best - Ceiling Tiles and Panels (5)

Elevate the interior decor in homes and offices with versatile ceiling tiles, which are available in multiple dimensions. The sound absorbing feature is ideal for large facilities, so employees or residents don’t have to listen to the surrounding noise from other apartments. Panels and suspension systems are washable for simple maintenance and offset a professional look in the workplace. Natural wood building tiles brighten up the room, providing a relaxing atmosphere. With the rectangular design, these tiles are easy to install without using complex tools.
Ensure an acoustic ambiance indoors with ceiling tiles, while also providing insulation. Tiles and panels are available in multiple dimensions. Versatile multipack options accommodate businesses that need to renovate large complexes with many square feet of ceiling. Select models feature medium density fibreboard (MDF) material in white, which creates the illusion of a higher ceiling. It’s possible to paint over several panels in the collection to match existing hues in the room. Look for ceiling tiles with unique patterns, such as the cracked ice design, to elevate a modern or classic home decor style. 

Recyclable tiles are available, so various establishments and individuals can contribute to waste reduction in the environment. The break-resistant feature of many of these tiles makes them ideal for long-term use. With these tiles on the ceiling, the sound quality in the room increases, so users can enjoy music listening sessions. Tiles also deflect some noise coming from other apartments or from outdoors, which makes them suitable for families with small children and pets. An advantage of many lightweight ceiling panels is that they’re easy to install and replace.

Tiles with a concrete-style finish provide the opportunity to create an industrial look in the homeplace. Users can also extend some tiles to the walls for an interesting uniform look. Most ceiling tile models require minimal maintenance for a clean look. Individuals can install some tiles horizontally, vertically, in a mosaic fashion for aesthetics, or fit them to specific ceiling dimensions. Bleached wood tiles are another option to consider, and they feature a non-absorbent characteristic, which makes for quick cleanup, and they’re durable and long-lasting. 

Non-directional fissured patterns on some of the tiles are popular in office workplaces, and they offer high reflectivity. Find prismatic, diffuser, and textured light panels for space illumination. Secondary crossbars are available as well, so you can complete suspended ceiling installations for visual appeal.
Embassy Ceiling Tiles - 1/4" x 24" x 24" - White icon-wishlist
Embassy Ceiling Tiles - 1/4" x 24" x 24" - White
Format 2'x2" 16SF
Article #34865176
CertainTeed Grenada Ceiling Tiles - Mineral Fibre - White icon-wishlist
CertainTeed Grenada Ceiling Tiles - Mineral Fibre - White
Format 1/2"x2'x4' 64SF
Article #8651007
"Chablis" Ceiling Tiles icon-wishlist
"Chablis" Ceiling Tiles
Format 1'x1'xBX32-32SF
Article #0951074
BP Canada Ceiling Tiles - Textured - Wood Fibre - 2' x 4' icon-wishlist
BP Canada Ceiling Tiles - Textured - Wood Fibre - 2' x 4'
Format 2'x4' 64SF
Article #0951088
Mur Design Ceiling Tile Shabby - HDF - 2' x 2' - 8/Box icon-wishlist
Mur Design Ceiling Tile Shabby - HDF - 2' x 2' - 8/Box
Format 24"x24" 8BX
Article #48095073