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Circular Saw Blade

Article #20105143 Model #1016092R Format 6 1/2"x24TH
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RONA Langdon Hardware Ltd. / Fort Erie
(289) 320-8250
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Circular Saw Blade

ECO circular saw blade. 6 1/2 in. 24 teeth. Carbide-tipped steel blade. Designed for ultra thin finishing work on expensive woods, plywoods and composition materials where waste must be kept to a minimum. The thin kerf provides a faster, smoother and more precise cut and will substantially reduce the workload of your tool. The plate hardness is C41-43. It is sandblasted, then polished to help eliminate drag and friction. Also available in 5 3/8 in. at 24 teeth. This product is part of the exchange blade program. Thanks to the innovations of the Power Tool Accessories Recycling Centre, there is less production of new blades which lessens the impact associated with their manufacturing. The system increases the recycling of tool accessories which reduces the impact associated with using virgin steel and sends less waste to landfills. The system is inspired by the principle of increased manufacturer accountability which extends the manufacturer's responsibility for the product to the post-consumer stage of the life cycle. The related advantages in the case of the Power Tool Accessories Recycling Centre are to create incentives in order to make manufacturers take environmental factors into account in their product design. Product is designed to improve reusability or recyclability in order to transform waste into resources and to encourage manufacturers to design products that can be easily rebuilt. This principle completes the circle by simultaneously reducing the use of resources and the production of waste. The blades' packaging minimizes also resource use and waste production.
RONA Langdon Hardware Ltd. / Fort Erie

1238 Dominion Road, Fort Erie,
Ontario, L2A 1H7

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