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  • The Strength of a Renowned Brand
  • A Major Buying Power
  • A Dedicated Support Team
  • A Vast Distribution Network
  • A National Purchasing Team for Lumber and Building Materials

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Plus de xx nouveaux
marchands affilés
depuis 2010.

  1. The BrandPartnering with Rona is a real growth opportunity.

    “The strength of the RONA dealer network is that despite our diversity in terms of store sizes and locations, we all share similar values, namely that the customer comes first.”
    Don Voth, Portage la Prairie,
    RONA Dealer since 2004
  1. “We switched to RONA mostly due to buying power and brand power, which allow for more competitive prices. In our area, we have competition that’s similar but much larger in scale, so this has allowed us to be competitive in our marketplace.”
    Matthew Wagstaff & Ryan McKay,
    Black Diamond,
    RONA Dealers since 2004

    BUYING POWERHigh-quality products at highly competitive prices.

  1. DISTRIBUTION NETWORKA strong network that values your independence.

    “The distribution centres make it very easy for us to order and fill our stores—they are a one-stop shop. We order from them, and they send all the materials we need.”
    Carlo Guido, Lakeview Builders Supplies, North Bay,
    RONA Dealer since 2011
  1. “The marketing team has done an excellent job of putting things together for us to ensure we attract customers and are able to deliver the goods.”
    Roy Perkins, Cornwall,
    RONA Dealer since 1988

    MARKETINGTried-and-true tools that you can always count on.

  1. SUPPORT TEAMSWe're always stronger when backed by a team.

    “The RONA head office has been very welcoming to us as independent. They've welcomed our input on issues, they've come to see us, and we've gone to see them. They are genuinely interested in seeing us succeed.”
    Nancy Powell Quinn & D'Arcy Quinn,
    RONA Moffatt & Powell, London, Mitchell,
    Strathroy, Tillsonburg and Exeter,
    RONA dealers since 2010