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When choosing a new toilet, considerations such as flushing power and water usage are important. Low-flush bathroom toilets use 6 litres per flush,  which is the industry standard. Select models offer half-flush or high-efficiency flush rates, making them ideal for second bathrooms or staff restrooms. All an existing unit may need is a new toilet seat. Choose the correct size, check the hinges are compatible, and pick plastic or wood to blend with bathroom decor. DIY enthusiasts who want to repair bathroom fixtures can find a range of toilet parts.
Find a wide selection of attractive and efficient toilets at Rona. Pick a toilet that fits the bathroom space and is comfortable. Choose a one-piece model for easy cleaning and simple maintenance. If the space allows it, look for a two-piece model. For households with children, a child-adult toilet seat can be the more comfortable option. Round bowls are just right for situations where space is at a premium, while elongated ones may be more comfortable. Look for a compact elongated bowl that offers the comfort of a larger model, with the space-saving feature of a round one. Another option for space-saving needs is the in-wall toilet, which has the bulky part hidden in the wall. For households with special needs individuals, consider looking for a taller bowl about 19" from the floor. Add to the comfort of your bathroom by picking from the selection of urinals and bidets.

If noise may be an issue, look for bathroom toilets with a gravity-flush system. Not only is it the quieter option, but it also needs less maintenance. Dual-flush technology is useful for those trying to control the amount of water they use. It gives the choice of a partial flush when clearing liquid waste or getting a full flush for solid waste. 

To make cleaning around the toilet easy, consider a model with concealed or skirted trapways where the bends are usually behind the bowl. For those who like a touch of modern luxury, touchless flushing may be a great option, as it uses sensors to take care of the flush. Environmentally conscious folks can opt for low-flush toilets that use about 4.8 L of water per flush, as opposed to the 6 L standard. Pick from colour options such as white or off-white for a timeless look that works with any bathroom style and decor.
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SANIFLO White Elongated Toilet Bowl
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