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BRASSCRAFT - Toilet and Bidet Parts and Accessories (1)

Choose from Rona's selection of toilet parts for new installations at home or in commercial buildings. Parts such as fill valves, flappers, and flush valves are available in various designs compatible with different setups of toilets and urinals. The diverse types of toilet accessories and parts are long lasting and help fix loose seats, faulty water supply systems, leaks, and other issues. Find toilet seats of different sizes for children and adults; some come in plain white, while others feature novel patterns and colours.
Rona carries a diverse selection of toilet parts that allow you to make both repairs and upgrades. There are wax ring gaskets to go in the floor beneath the toilet and prevent leaks and caulking to complete the job. To conserve water in the tank and to reduce noise from filling, consider an antisiphon fill valve as an alternative to tank float. You can also put in a replacement flapper valve and adjust its positioning as well as the length of the chain. This helps to manage the maximum water level in the bowl and the tank.

Complete a new installation with a range of smaller components such as bolts, nuts, and washers and shims for additional support when needed. A snugly fitted tank-to-bowl gasket prevents dripping and leaks while flexible steel connectors deliver incoming water to the tank. You can find replacement hinges for toilet seats and caps to cover up bolts and give the toilet and clean and finished look. Get a luxury upgrade by adding a hand-held bidet sprayer or a bidet toilet seat with a control panel and many functions to select from.

Many of these toilet accessories, including flapper chains, float rods and balls, and tank levers, are available both individually or in kits for added convenience. They are also easy to install, making toilet repair and installation a job within reach of the do-it-yourselfer. 

Besides the toilet materials themselves, there are the tools necessary for working with them or making modification. You will find adjustable wrenches and pliers for gripping onto tightened bolts and other components and hacksaws for shortening a plastic tube to ensure that it fits inside the toilet tank. Look for flange extension kits when new installations or renovations require additional modifications.
Brasscraft Universal Fill Valve - Anti-Siphon - 9-in to 14-in H - 1 Per Pack icon-wishlist
Brasscraft Universal Fill Valve - Anti-Siphon - 9-in to 14-in H - 1 Per Pack
Format 9-14"
Article #67845917