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BELANGER - Shower Rods and Curtains (1)

Give a family or guest bathroom a fresh look with stylish shower curtains from Rona. Most curtains are made of durable polyester for long-lasting use, and feature either built-in holes or grommets for easy hanging. Find shower curtain rings, curtain liners, hold back hook sets, and more to complement the shower curtain style. Match up with a variety of straight or curved shower rods. Curved models provide more room when showering, and add a contemporary look to any bathroom renovation. You’ll also find a wide array of shower organizers to arrange and store toiletries.
Shower curtains and rods are a practical choice for keeping water off the floor. They also offer the opportunity to jazz up your bathroom with a variety of colours and styles. Fixed curtain rods come in several lengths, with brackets at either end for attaching the rod to the wall. Extendable curtain rods are adjustable to fit against the walls of the shower and don’t require brackets. Curtain rods are typically metal, and available as a standard straight rod, or an adjustable curved rod that offers more space in the shower. A plastic shower rod cover helps to prevent the shower rod from rusting. 

With showers set in an open area of the bathroom instead of in a wall alcove, there is a hoop and riser kit to enclose the shower. The setup includes a curtain rod that encircles the whole shower and comes with ceiling and wall supports to hold the structure in place. 

Shower curtains and liners are typically plastic or fabric, and come with holes and a set of grommets at the top for hooks, which hang the curtain from the rod. Curtain liners may be resistant to mildew and mould, and they hang inside the shower curtain to protect it from water and prevent the curtain from getting wet. The curtain and liner can be hung on the same rod and set of hooks, or on a separate rod.

If you want to draw your shower curtain open and hold it in place, opt for a hold-back hook set, which comes with a hook attached to the wall, and a chain for wrapping around the curtain to hold it open. Look for these in addition to a variety of shower organizers available to keep your bathroom beautiful and functional.
Belanger Straight Steel Shower Curtain Rod - Chrome Finish - Flange and Screws Included - 60-in L x 1-in dia icon-wishlist
Belanger Straight Steel Shower Curtain Rod - Chrome Finish - Flange and Screws Included - 60-in L x 1-in dia
Format 5'
Article #1236009