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TOTO - Faucet Parts and Accessories (2)

Renovate residential and business bathrooms with faucet parts from Rona. Browse items such as anti-twist shower hoses, brackets, and mounts. The collection of sink faucets features various designs and long-lasting ceramic material options.

Versatile shower parts include shower columns with a polished chrome finish that provides an elegant look. A thermostatic cartridge is available in select models for convenience. Make showering more comfortable and safer by installing a secure shower arm with ABS flange, or replace an old faucet seal for regular water flow.
Equip home bathrooms with versatile faucet parts from Rona including faucet washers, shower hoses, and specific handles for simple operation. Anti-twist shower hoses are convenient for hassle-free showering without having to readjust the hose. Most shower parts are easy to install in a few steps without needing many tools beyond a screwdriver. A chrome finish adds shine to select brackets, hoses, and other shower supplies, and increases durability for long-term use. Faucet washers are available in multipacks for convenience and consist of high-quality rubber which has a flat design.

With faucet sealing balls, users can block valves with a specific diameter depending on the model to eliminate water supply in the bathroom area. Select models feature cork material, which is also water-resistant, to prevent leakage and increase safety. Individual handles come with buttons for hot and cold water and the mounting screws for simple installation. Various tub and shower faucets feature stainless steel and zinc materials to withstand impact, and these materials are easy to clean to impress guests. 

Elegant hand shower brackets are easy to install anywhere on the wall for convenient storage of the shower head. Most shower parts are available in multiple hues to match with the existing decor at home. Many bathroom faucet accessories come with screws to ensure proper installation. Some handles are suitable for lavatory faucets and showers or bath faucets so it’s easy to match them for a uniform bathroom look.

Ensure all faucets are in mint condition as this helps to save on the water bill and minimize the chance of water leaks. Repair kits for bathroom hardware are available to complete different plumbing and replacement jobs for a fully functional bathroom.
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TOTO EcoPower 0.5 GPM Controller for Touchless Sensor Faucet
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TOTO EcoPower 1.0 GPM Controller for Touchless Sensor Faucet
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