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Storage solutions for the bathroom

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The family bathroom gets a lot of traffic, and if it’s on the small side, general disorder can set in fairly quickly. Organizers in the drawers, towel bars, all kinds of hooks, various compartments: solutions to maximize space in cabinets, drawers, around the bathtub and shower are many, creative and decorative. Say a permanent good bye to damp towels and dirty clothes strewn over the floor, and be inspired by some great ideas for a well-organized, uncluttered and relaxing bathroom!

The key to really using the space inside cabinets is to compartmentalize. Everyone wins if you can designate personal storage space for each member of the family. The aim: to store every item in its own place. A few solutions to explore:

  • Generous wall cabinets that extend to the ceiling
  • Adjustable shelves designed to meet specific needs
  • An assortment of plastic compartments and racks
  • Hooks attached to the insides of cabinet doors or panels to hang brushes, sponges, hair dryer and other toiletries
  • A steel sheet attached to the inside back of cabinets, so that you can use magnetic hooks and containers with magnetic bottoms to store scissors, mirror, hair pins, etc.
  • Pull-out shelves, providing space for combs, brushes, makeup, etc.
  • Plastic compartments can be used alone or in combination for lipstick tubes, mascara and other cosmetics.

To corral together the many items used on a daily basis, use containers such as glasses, bowls, and small plastic plates. Each small collection of items is thus accessible, easy to store and handy behind cabinet doors.

Set aside space for storing towels, sheets, washcloths and other linens. A cupboard close to the bathroom or furniture in the bathroom can do the job. If your towels are attractive, go for a “hotel-boutique” look and store them to be seen. You can put them under the lavatory basin, space permitting, or in baskets, either rolled up or folded.

There is a wide range of compartments available to suit a variety of drawer measurements, thereby increasing storage possibilities in your drawers. There are also storage solutions designed specifically for:

  • Make-up and cosmetics
  • Shaving equipment and accessories
  • First-aid products and medicines
  • Hair dryer, iron and other hair accessories

Certain items belong on or around the counter: soap dish, toothbrush holder, holder for razors. Some holder models can be attached to the wall above the counter. Decorative items, like vases, containers, small boxes and baskets are also good solutions for storing creams and other products on the counter.

A vanity with cabinets can hold boxes of bathroom tissue, toilet paper, and cleaning products. Attach hooks on the inside of vanity cabinet doors for maintenance items. If your vanity doesn’t have cabinets, just a shelf, use the shelf to store towels and wash cloths.

Thinking vertically is also a key to creating more space. There is a large selection of towel rods and wall racks that can improve storage for all members of the family.

Shelves and shelving units are versatile as well as practical. Hair-care products, cosmetics, creams, bottles and containers all remain within easy reach. Are your towels pretty? Why not show them to advantage; roll them up and stack them on shelves along with a few attractive bottles to create a soft and welcoming atmosphere.

Hotel-style multitiered towel racks are particularly solid, visually attractive and can hold a number of different items. Towel rods or hooks installed behind the door are discreet and provide additional storage.

Hanging baskets on the walls with hooks or simple shelves are perfect for keeping shampoo bottles, bars of soap and cosmetic products in the most convenient locations: close to the bathtub or shower. Suction-grip hooks and baskets are equally good solutions for ceramic tile walls. Not to overlook: the shower caddy, perfect for holding products used on a daily basis in the shower.

When you’re at the planning and design stage, consider building alcoves into the walls near the bathtub and ceramic-tile shower: shampoo bottles, soap and even a few candles will fit in nicely.

A medicine cabinet with a mirror is also a space-saver; all items used most frequently stay handy and easy to find.

A magazine rack close to the toilet, a cabinet with a fold away door or a toilet roll holder are storage solutions as practical as they are attractive. Take a look at toilet roll holders able to accommodate a number of rolls.

The laundry basket is a must. Choose one according to your available space and the needs of your family. Here are a few space-saving solutions:

  • A corner model
  • A basket that opens and closes like an accordion
  • A basket or container installed on a sliding mechanism inside a cabinet that is both easy to access and discreet.

When you’re designing your bathroom, you might want to consider installing a laundry chute, great for clearing floor space.

If space is at a real premium, consider storage on wheels that can be rolled wherever it’s needed. Trollies and other furniture on wheels are incredibly useful. Armed with drawers and shelves, they can accommodate just about everything and be rolled away when not in use. Placed near the vanity dresser, the versatile chest-bench on wheels provides a discreet addition to your storage, as well as a seat.

Other storage options
All parts of the bathroom can be used for storage. Don’t forget:

  • A podium tub casing provides a shelf around the bathtub, great for setting baskets, decorative boxes or bath towels
  • Bathtub caddies can hold manicure products, a paperback or any other object you’d like handy when you take a bath
  • A mesh bath toy bag hung with suction cups is ideal for storing children’s toys either on the bathtub wall or on the bathroom wall outside the bath

There is a wide selection of bathroom storage solutions available. They will improve your quality of life by helping to create an open, bright, and accessible space. Storage items can also enhance your decor with accessories and articles that are as attractive as they are useful. Identify your needs and take the time to really consider your storage options. Don’t forget to add a splash of colour!

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