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Build an outdoor kitchen island with pergola

  • Difficulty: hammer hammer hammer
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  • Completion Time : 2 days

This outdoor kitchen unit is made up of an elegant pergola and a large work island. The pergola, 96" high by 112" long and 34 ½" wide, is custom built to fit the island, which measures 37 3/8" high by 84" long and 23" wide.It features a countertop, sink and plenty of storage space in the form of cabinets and drawers. It can also hold an ice maker and a mini refrigerator.

Stylish and practical, the entire unit is made of cedar, which is naturally weather resistant. It can be stained for added protection, making an outdoor cooking station that you will enjoy for many years.


Tools and materials required

Tools - Counter Materials - Counter

Table saw
Mitre saw
Driver drill
1/2" drill bit
Hammer (or nailer)
Measuring tape
Carpenter's glue

1 board Baltic birch, ½" x 60" x 60"
15 boardscedar, 1 ¼ x 6" x 120"
3 sheetsplywood, ¾" x 48" x 96"
2 boardscedar, 2" x 4" x 96"
1 sheetMasonite, ¼" x 48" x 48"
4 – 32" piano hinges
4 pairs 18"full-extension drawer slides
8 cabinet pulls
4 magnetic latches
1 sink
1 faucet
Water supply lines and drain pipes, including trap
Tiles, with tile adhesive and grout
1 ½" finishing nails (or nails for use with nailer)
2" finishing nails (or nails for use with nailer)
1 ½" No. 8 screws
2 ½" No. 8 screws
5/8" No. 8 screws

Tools - PergolaMaterials - Pergola

Table saw
Circular saw
Jigsaw or scroll saw
Router table
Driver drill
½" drill bit at least 4" long
Monkey wrench
Hammer (or nailer)
Wood chisel
Measuring tape

4 cedar posts, 4" x 4" x 96"
7 cedar beams, 2" x 6" x 120"
2 cedar boards, 1 ¼ x 6" x 96"
1 cedar privacy lattice, 48" x 96"
8 – 3/8" x 8" bolts
2 – 3/8" nuts
8 metal washers

Before Assembly

elevation - Counter

Elevation - Outdoor kitchen terrasse counter on a patio


elevation - Pergola


Elevation - Pergola for patio


Notes on routers

The router is a motorized tool that can be equipped with a wide variety of cutters, or bits, making it extremely versatile.Router bits exist for a panoply of woodworking projects, including making mouldings or casings, carving grooves (e.g.for inserting drawer bottoms or cabinet door panels), professionally finishing the edges of pieces of stock (boards, shelves, tables), planing surfaces and even making dovetail joints.

Router bits are often sold in sets, usually with illustrations of the shapes or patterns that they can cut.

Depending on the model of router and type of work involved, the user can either move the router along the fixed material (e.g. to follow curves) or move the material itself along a fixed router table (e.g.to carve grooves).A number of routers are designed to be used either way and can be fastened upside down under a router table.


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Outdoor cooking station with sink and a pergola
Build an outdoor kitchen island with pergola