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Vanity Fixture - 3-Light Bathroom Vanity Fixture
Article #66905050 Model #1089-13-WHT
$35.00 Each Format 24"-35W-INCL
$69.99 Save $34.99
1 units available at the selected store  Rona Home & Garden Nepean
Online order not available for this item
Price and availability of product may vary in store
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1 units in stock   RONA L'entrepôt Gatineau
1 units in stock   RONA Cashway Carleton Place
Vanity fixture. 24 in. long. Made of opal glass. Requires 35-W, G9 type lightbulbs included.
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Vanity Fixture - 3-Light Bathroom Vanity Fixture Vanity fixture. 24 in. long. Made of opal glass. Requires 35-W, G9 type lightbulbs included. LUMIRAMA Wall Sconces 66905050