Recycling Bin - 83-L Recycling Bin
Article #2005116 Model #NPL 270-00012
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10.99 Each Format 19"x16"x21"
6 units available at the selected store  Rona Home & Garden Nepean and 570 transferable units to the selected store 
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Inventory updated: March 26, 11:59 PM
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6 units in stock  RONA L'entrepôt secteur Le Plateau
26 units in stock  Rona Home & Garden Gloucester
3 units in stock  RONA L'entrepôt Gatineau
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Recycling bin. 21 po x 19 po x 16 po. 83 L. Made for recycling of a variety of products: paper and cardboard, glass pots and bottles, containers for food products for domestic use, household cleaning products and personal care, flexible bags and extensible plastic strips, polystyrene products and other plastic materials, food tins, soft drink cans, beer caps, aluminum paper and plates and metal lids. Made of 50% recycled plastic. 100% recycable. Blue.
Product Specifications
Environmental Benefits

Ecological Attributes

    This RONA ECO recycling bin contains a minimum of 50% recycled plastic. This allows a significant reduction of the use of virgin plastic made from petroleum, a non-renewable petroleum resource.

  • The use of recycled material also helps reduce the volume of plastic industrial waste, which is recovered and reprocessed.
  • The plastic used as raw material is supplied by train, a mode of transport which produces significantly less greenhouse gas compared to trucking.
  • Use of a recycling bin encourages recovery of plastic, glass, paper and metal waste at home and allows these materials to be transformed into new resources. Recovery of recyclable materials at home also helps reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with decomposing waste in landfill sites and cuts down on overconsumption of valuable resources.

Environmental Issues

This product is eco-responsible because it reduces the impacts associated with the following environmental issues:

  • Climate Change
  • Availability and quality of water
  • Human health
  • Ecosystem quality
  • Resource depletion


to see why this product is eco-responsible

Resource Acquisition

Made with a minimum of 50% recycled plastic+ Plastic waste is recovered and upgraded


There are no significant environmental benefits at this stage in the life cycle. Click on the other life cycle icons to discover this product's eco-responsible attributes.

Packaging and Transportation

Materials supplied by train


Less waste generated


Prevents waste of valuable resources


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