Office with desk and contemporary design
Dedicated Rooms
Finished Basement Living Room with Home Theater
Dedicated Rooms
Basement Shelves and space for reading
Dedicated Rooms
  • DO IT
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    Design your home office

    A home office that is tailor-designed to your needs will help you work more productively and efficiently.

  • Storage No image available
    Office-specific storage solutions

    A well-organized office promotes good work habits. Storage solutions for paperwork and office supplies to give produc...

  • Woodworking and furniture No image available
    Build an art trestle table

    With its generous work space, this art table could be the genesis of a great many creative projects. Build it yoursel...

  • Decoration and Trends No image available
    Measure the window to install curtains

    How to properly measure the window frame to install short or long curtains, with or without folds.

  • House Construction No image available
    Install a suspended ceiling

    Suspended ceilings are ideal for basements or within first floor bathrooms where there is a need to access the mechan...

  • Woodworking and Furniture No image available
    Build a desk

    This desk is well-designed and relatively easy to build. It comes with drawers and a cabinet, and will be a practical...


Featured Products

5-shelf unit  
Format 18x36x72"
53.99 Each
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Article #54205000
4-Shelf Storage Unit  
Format 12.25"x24.25"x52"
28.99 Each
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Article #0022081
5-Shelf Unit  
Format 24x36x72"
71.99 Each
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Article #54205045
Format 12X48"
23.99 Each
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Article #0233402
Melamine shelf  
Format 12X36"
19.87 Each
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Article #0233398
Melamine shelf  
Format 8X24"
11.32 Each
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Article #0233394
5-Shelf Pine Storage Unit 30  
Format 30x16x60"
55.99 Each
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Article #3541005
Melamine shelf  
Format 10X36"
17.35 Each
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Article #0233391
Melamine shelf  
Format 12X24"
14.99 Each
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Article #0233392
Format 10X24"
12.79 Each
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Article #0233395
5-Tier Shelving Unit - 14 x 34 x 70  
Format 34x14x70"
$118 Each
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Article #21155000
Format 12x72"
35.99 Each
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Article #0233188
Melamine shelf  
Format 10X48"
19.56 Each
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Article #0233401
Melamine shelf  
Format 8X36"
14.72 Each
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Article #0233397
4-Tier Shelving Unit - 14 x 36 x  54  
Format 36x14x54"
$102 Each
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Article #15805002
Melamine shelf  
Format 12x24x5/8"
14.41 Each
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Article #02335405

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