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Trish Elgin

RONA Home & Garden Grandview
Vancouver, BC

Trish Elgin and her husband are a design and carpentry power couple. When an opportunity came up for Trish to work on the set for a dance studio performance of West Side Story, she jumped at the chance. Her husband built it and Trish designed and painted it. Since that fateful project, she’s acquired 30 years of experience in design.

Fueled by the satisfying feeling of a job well done, Trish is the go-to woman for colour consulting, window coverings and kitchen design, among other projects. She is hands-on throughout all her projects. Her greatest joy at RONA? Giving customers the tools and product knowledge to finish the job successfully.

Trish Elgin in forest of British Columbia - RONA Experts
Trish Elgin in Colors Department at RONA Home & Garden Grandview


Do I need to buy primer?

Paint Question from: Daniel Yeung, Richmond (British Columbia) Posted: May 28, 2012

Is primer needed before starting to paint?


In most cases, yes.

Answer from: Trish Elgin Posted: May 28, 2012

Primer has many advantages. It can be used to cover dark colours, block stains, and help paint adhere and last longer.

Always use primer on new drywall and on drywall patches on previously-painted walls.


Do I need to wash my walls first?

Paint Question from: Esther Yu, Toronto (Ontario) Posted: May 28, 2012

Is it really necessary?



Answer from: Trish Elgin Posted: May 28, 2012

Washing your wall surfaces first is always a good idea, especially in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture and mildew can build up on painted surfaces. A quick wash with TSP and a rinse with clean water will prep your wall surface for painting.

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