Supplemental air conditioners

When it is hot and muggy, air conditioners units lower the air temperature, remove air moisture, and filter the air within a room. Air conditioning needs vary greatly based on the home’s location, how it is used, the insulation, and other factors such as energy efficiency goals. When a fraction of the rooms in the home need to be cooled, supplemental units can offset the expensive costs of running a whole-house system. Supplemental units are also beneficial for providing additional cooling to some areas of the home that may be hot spots.

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Format 8000BU
Article #77585006
  • Article #77585006
  • Item
  • Model #CPB08XCL
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Format 11000BUx500SF
Article #87795023
  • Article #87795023
  • Item
  • Model #MPN2-12ERN1-BH9H
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Format 12000BUx550SF
Article #87795037
  • Article #87795037
  • Item
  • Model #MWL-12CRN1-BI5
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Format 8000BUx350SF
Article #87795008
  • Article #87795008
  • Item
  • Model #MWK-08CRN1-BJ8

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