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Measure the window to install curtains

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Dressing up windows not only protects your privacy, it also completes and enhances your decor. Your curtains’ colour, pattern, cut, length and trimmings can transform a room’s look and atmosphere.
Ready-to-install ensembles, quite practical, come in a wide range of elegant assortments of veiling, lace, embroidery and Jacquard fabrics. For the perfect décor, you need to carefully measure the window frame. This article shows you a simple way to do so.


Tools and materials required

Before Assembly


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Format 57x95"xPK2
Article #75435102
  • Article #75435102
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  • Model #OSBPS5795-STONE
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Format 57x95" PK2
Article #75435103
  • Article #75435103
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  • Model #OSBPS5795-RED
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Format 54x84"
Article #14715025
  • Article #14715025
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  • Model #R7557-12 54X84
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Format 54x84"
Article #14715008
  • Article #14715008
  • Item
  • Model #R7576-09 54X84

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Measure the window to install curtains

Dressing up windows not only protects your privacy, it also completes and enhanc

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