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Keith Andreasen

RONA Cashway
Hamilton, ON

Keith Andreasen has 25 years of experience in the business of home renovation. With a passion for taking something old and making it new again, he’s never without his tape measure. You never know when the inspiration for a new project will hit. His co-workers say that when it comes to details, Keith is the guy you want to talk to. He’s driven and committed to the project from start to finish. Whether it’s re-trimming your entire house or building a back deck, Keith doesn’t miss a thing.

When he’s not coaching hockey or volunteering as a firefighter at his local fire station, he’s at RONA. And he can always tell you exactly what you need for any given project. Oh, and measure stuff too.

Keith Andreasen from Hamilton in his firefighter equipment - RONA Experts
Keith Andreasen in lumber yard at RONA Cashway Hamilton - RONA Experts


Can I stain or paint my pressure-treated fence or deck?

Fences Question from: Sébastien Côté, Saguenay (Québec) Posted: May 28, 2012

Can we do that? And will I get a good result?


Yes, absolutely.

Answer from: Keith Andreasen Posted: May 28, 2012

Yes, you can stain or paint pressure-treated wood; just allow sufficient drying time before staining or painting.


How can I space my fence boards evenly?

Fences Question from: Kirk Wendland, Markham (Ontario) Posted: May 28, 2012

Do you have a tip to do it easily?


Prepare spacers before
getting started.

Answer from: Keith Andreasen Posted: May 28, 2012

To make sure the space between your fence boards is even, cut 2 pieces to act as templates/spacers for top and bottom; this will give you a uniform pattern for each 8' section.

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