Product's Life Cycle

Product's Life Cycle

To avoid falling into any greenwashing traps, RONA decided to adopt a strict scientific method called the Life Cycle Approach.

Rather than looking only at the product’s obvious ecological features, this assessment looks at the total environmental performance over the product’s entire lifetime, from extraction of primary resources to end-of-life, including manufacturing, transportation, packaging and use. The Life Cycle Approach:

• Prevents the shifting of environmental problems from one step of the life cycle to another
• Simultaneously considers several different environmental issues

To offer our customers products that truly provide better environmental performance, RONA works with an independent third party.
Experts from the International Chair in Life Cycle Approch at the Polytéchnique de Montréal provide a rigorous product selection to be labelled RONA ECO and eco-responsible products after an in-depth, transparent and rigorous process.

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