1,000,000 Trees = 100,000 Tonnes of Carbon

RONA is concerned about the quality of life and health of Canadian communities. To that end, RONA is committed to a program that will ultimately increase the quality of air, water and wildlife habitat for future generations. Over the next few years, RONA promises to plant a minimum of 1 million trees in northern Alberta's boreal forest. This program continues the Together With Totem program.

RONA will sponsor the planting of at least 1,000,000 trees, which will be native species appropriate to the area. Each reforested area will be monitored for up to 14 years by the Alberta Government to ensure results and long-term survival of the forest itself.

This program will effectively reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, improving the air, water and natural wildlife habitat, as well as contribute to Alberta's clean air policy by helping to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. RONA is pleased to have this opportunity to benefit the environment and to enhance the lifestyle and quality of life of all Albertans.

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