Our mission


Provide Canadians with the best products and advice to build and renovate their homes in total confidence.

  • A satisfied client.
  • A passion for a job well done.
  • A strong desire to win, as a team.
  • The challenge that comes from being the Canadian leader in our industry.
  • Placing the needs of our clients at the centre of our decisions.
  • Creating a workplace that is stimulating and enjoyable.
  • Through clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • With teams singularly focused on delivering results.
  • Displaying a proactive and responsible attitude.
  • Creating an environment marked by rigour and discipline.
  • Striving for efficiency and simplicity in our execution each and every day.
  • Inspire and engage their teams.
  • Create an environment open to change and innovation.
  • Plan and lead the way in getting things done.
  • Recognize everyone's contributions.
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